And I said, Give ear, now, you heads of Jacob and rulers of the people of Israel: is it not for you to have knowledge of what is right?
You who are haters of good and lovers of evil, pulling off their skin from them and their flesh from their bones;
Like meat they take the flesh of my people for their food, skinning them and crushing their bones, yes, cutting them up as if for the pot, like flesh inside the cooking-pot.
Then they will be crying to the Lord for help, but he will not give them an answer: yes, he will keep his face veiled from them at that time, because their acts have been evil.
This is what the Lord has said about the prophets by whom my people have been turned from the right way;
who, biting with their teeth, say, Peace;
and if anyone puts nothing in their mouths they make ready for war against him.
For this cause it will be night for you, without a vision;
and it will be dark for you, without knowledge of the future;
the sun will go down over the prophets, and the day will be black over them.
And the seers will be shamed, and the readers of the future will be at a loss, all of them covering their lips;
for there is no answer from God.
But I truly am full of the spirit of the Lord, with power of judging and with strength to make clear to Jacob his wrongdoing and to Israel his sin.
Then give ear to this, you heads of the children of Jacob, you rulers of the children of Israel, hating what is right, twisting what is straight.
They are building up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with evil-doing.
Its heads take rewards for judging, and the priests take payment for teaching, and the prophets get silver for reading the future: but still, supporting themselves on the Lord, they say, Is not the Lord among us?
no evil will overtake us.
For this reason, Zion will be ploughed like a field because of you, and Jerusalem will become a mass of broken walls, and the mountain of the house like a high place in the woods.