<A Psalm.
Of David.>

Let my prayer come to you, O Lord;
give ear to my requests for your grace;
keep faith with me, and give me an answer in your righteousness;
Let not your servant come before you to be judged;
for no man living is upright in your eyes.
The evil man has gone after my soul;
my life is crushed down to the earth: he has put me in the dark, like those who have long been dead.
Because of this my spirit is overcome;
and my heart is full of fear.
I keep in mind the early days of the past, giving thought to all your acts, even to the work of your hands.
My hands are stretched out to you: my soul is turned to you, like a land in need of water.
Be quick in answering me, O Lord, for the strength of my spirit is gone: let me see your face, so that I may not be like those who go down into the underworld.
Let the story of your mercy come to me in the morning, for my hope is in you: give me knowledge of the way in which I am to go;
for my soul is lifted up to you.
O Lord, take me out of the hands of my haters;
my soul is waiting for you.
Give me teaching so that I may do your pleasure;
for you are my God: let your good Spirit be my guide into the land of righteousness.
Give me life, O Lord, because of your name;
in your righteousness take my soul out of trouble.
And in your mercy put an end to my haters, and send destruction on all those who are against my soul;
for I am your servant.