And Dauid said: This is the house of the lord God, & this is the aulter for the burnt offring of Israel.
And Dauid commaunded to gather together the straungers that were in the lande of Israel, and he set masons to hew and pullishe stones for the building of the house of God.
And Dauid prepared plentie of iron for nayles, & doores of the gates, & to ioyne withal, and aboundaunce of brasse without wayght,
And Cedar trees without number: For the Zidons and they of Tyre brought much Cedar wood to Dauid.
And Dauid sayde: Solomon my sonne is young and tender, and the house that is to be buylded for the Lorde must be magnificall, excellent, and of great fame and dignitie throughout all countreys: I wil therfore make ordinaunces for it.
And so Dauid prepared many thinges before his death.
And he called Solomon his sonne, and charged him to buylde an house for the Lorde God of Israel.
And Dauid sayde to Solomon: My sonne, I thought [as it was] in myne heart to buylde an house vnto the name of the Lorde my God:
But the word of the Lord came to me, saying: Thou hast shed much blood, and hast made great battayles: thou shalt therefore not buylde an house vnto my name, for thou hast shed much blood vpon the earth in my sight.
Behold, a sonne is borne to thee, and he shalbe a man of rest, for I wil geue him rest from all his enemies rounde about: For his name is Solomon, & I wil send rest and peace vpon Israel in his dayes.
He shall buylde an house for my name, and he shalbe my sonne, and I wilbe his father, and I wil establishe the seate of his kingdome vpon Israel for euer.
Nowe therfore my sonne, the Lorde be with thee, and prosper thee, and thou shalt buylde an house to the Lorde thy God, as he hath sayde of thee.
And the Lord shall geue thee wysdom and vnderstanding, and shall geue thee commaundementes for Israel, that thou mayst kepe the lawe of the Lorde thy God.
For then thou shalt prosper, euen when thou takest heede and fulfillest the statutes and lawes which the Lorde charged Moyses with for Israel: Plucke vp thyne hearte therfore, & be strong, dread not, nor be discouraged.
Behold, according to my pouertie haue I also prepared for the house of the Lorde, an hundred thousande talentes of golde, and a thousande thousande talentes of siluer: and as for brasse & iron, it can not be nubred, (for it is verie much) And I haue prepared timber and stone, and thou mayest prouide more thereto.
Moreouer, thou hast workemen with thee mowe, and masons, and carpenters [to worke in stone and timber,] & many men that be actiue for euery worke,
And of golde, siluer, brasse, & iron, there is no number: Up therefore, and be doing, and the Lorde shalbe with thee.
And Dauid commaunded al the lordes of Israel to helpe Solomon his sonne, saying:
Is not the Lord your God with you?
and hath he not geuen you rest on euery side?
for he hath geuen the inhabitours of the lande into my hande, and the land is subdued before the Lorde, and before his people.
Nowe therefore set your heartes and your soules to seke the Lord your God: Up, and buylde ye the temple of the Lord God, to bring the arke of the couenaunt of the Lorde and the holy vessels of God into the house so buylt for the name of the Lorde.