And Dauid the king saide vnto all the congregation: God hath specially chosen Solomon my sonne which is yet young & tender, & the worke is great: for the house shall not be for man, but for the Lorde God.
Moreouer, I haue prepared with all my might for the house of my God, golde for vessels of golde, siluer for them of siluer, brasse for thinges of brasse, iron for thinges of iron, & wood for thynges of wood, and onix stones, and stones to be set, glistering stones, and of diuers colours, & al maner of precious stones, & marble stones in great aboundaunce.
And because I haue lust to the house of my God, I haue of myne owne proper good of golde and siluer which I haue geuen to the house of my God, beside all that I haue prepared for the holy house,
Euen three thousand talentes of golde of Ophir, and seuen thousand talentes of tried siluer, to ouer laye the walles of the house withall.
The golde for thinges of golde, siluer for them of siluer, and for all maner of worke by the handes of artificers: And whosoeuer is wylling, may this day consecrate his hande vnto the Lorde.
And so the auncient fathers and the lordes of the tribes of Israel, the captaynes of thousandes and hundredes, with the lordes that were rulers ouer the kinges worke, were willing,
And gaue for the seruice of the house of God, fiue thousand talentes of golde, and ten thousand peeces [of golde,] and ten thousand talentes of siluer, & eyghtteene thousand talentes of brasse, and one hundred thousand talentes of iron.
And they with whom precious stones were founde, gaue them to the treasure of the house of the Lord by the hand of Iehiel the Gersonite.
And the people reioyced when they were so wylling to geue their goodes, and with a perfect heart they offered wyllingly to the Lord: And Dauid the king reioyced with great gladnesse.
And Dauid blessed the Lorde before all the congregation, and sayde: Blessed be thou Lorde God of Israel, our father from euer and for euer.
Thyne O Lorde is greatnesse, and power, glory, victorie, and prayse: for all that is in heauen and in earth is thyne, and thyne is the kingdome O Lorde, and thou excellest aboue all, euen as the head of all.
And richesse and honour come of thee, and thou raignest ouer all, and in thyne hande is power & strength, and in thyne hand it is to make great and to geue strength vnto all.
And nowe our God we thanke thee, and prayse thy glorious name.
But who am I?
and what is my people?
that we should enforce our selues to geue these thinges so willingly?
But all thinges come of thee, & of that which we receaued at thyne hand, we haue geuen thee.
For we be but straungers before thee, and soiourners, as were al our fathers: Our dayes on the earth also are but as a shadowe, and there is none abiding.
O Lorde our God, all this stuffe that we haue prepared to builde thee an house for thy holy name, commeth of thyne hand, and is all thyne.
I wot also my God that thou tryest the heartes, and hast pleasure in vnfaynednesse, & in the vnfaonednesse of myne heart I haue wyllingly offered al these thinges: And now haue I seene thy people which are founde here to offer vnto thee wyllyngly, and with gladnesse.
O Lorde God of Abraham, Isahac, and of Israel our fathers, keepe this for euer in the desire of the thoughtes of the heart of thy people, & prepare their heartes vnto thee.
And geue vnto Solomon my sonne a perfect heart, to keepe thy commaundementes, thy testimonies, & thy statutes, and to do all, and builde the house, for the which I haue made prouision.
And Dauid saide to all the congregation: Now blesse the Lorde your God.
And all the congregation blessed the Lorde God of their fathers, and bowed downe their heades, and worshipped the Lorde and the king.
And they offered offringes vnto the Lorde: And on the morowe after the saide day, they offred burnt offringes vnto the Lorde, euen a thousand young oxen, a thousand rammes, and a thousand sheepe, with their drinke offrings: Many sacrifices offred they for all Israel,
And did eate & drinke before the Lord the same day with great gladnesse: And they made Solomon the sonne of Dauid king the second time, and annoynted him prince before the Lorde, and Zadoc to be the hie priest.
And Solomon sate on the seate of the Lorde, and was king in steade of Dauid his father, and prospered: and all they of Israel obeyed him.
And all the lordes and men of power, and all the sonnes of king Dauid, submitted them selues, & were vnder king Solomon.
And the Lorde magnified Solomon in dignitie in the sight of all them of Israel, and gaue him so glorious a kingdome, as no king had before him in Israel.
And so Dauid the sonne of Isai raigned ouer all Israel.
And the space that he raigned ouer Israel, was fouretie yeres: Seuen yeres raigned he in Hebron, and thirtie and three yeres raigned he in Hierusalem.
And he dyed in a good age, ful of dayes, riches, and honour: and Solomon his sonne raigned in his steade.
The actes of Dauid the king first and last, beholde they are written in the booke of Samuel the sear, and in the booke of Nathan the prophete, and in the booke of Gad the sear:
With all his kingdome, and power, and times, that went ouer him, & ouer all Israel, and ouer all the kingdomes of the earth.