Though I speake with the tongues of men and of Angels, and haue not loue, I am [as] soundyng brasse, or [as] a tincklyng Cimball:
And though I coulde prophesie, and vnderstoode all secretes, and all knowledge: Yea, if I had all fayth, so that I coulde moue mountaynes out of their places, and haue not loue, I were nothyng.
And though I bestowe all my goodes to feede the poore, and though I geue my body that I burned, and haue not loue, it profiteth me nothyng.
Loue suffreth long, and is curteous: Loue enuieth not, loue doth not frowardely, swelleth not,
Dealeth not dishonestlie, seeketh not her owne, is not prouoked to anger, thynketh none euyll,
Reioyceth not in iniquitie: bur reioyceth in the trueth:
Suffreth all thynges, beleueth all thynges, hopeth all thynges, endureth all thynges.
Though ye prophesiynges fayle, other tongues ceasse, or knowledge vanishe away, [yet] loue falleth neuer away.
For our knowledge is vnperfect, and our prophesiyng is vnperfect:
But when that which is perfect, is come, then that which is vnperfect shalbe done away.
When I was a chylde, I spake as a childe, I vnderstode as a childe, I imagined as a chylde: But assoone as I was a man, I put away chyldishnesse.
Nowe we see in a glasse, euen in a darke speakyng: but then [shall we see] face to face.
Nowe I knowe vnperfectly: but then shall I knowe euen as I am knowen.
Nowe abydeth fayth, hope, and loue, these three, but the chiefe of these is loue.