There goeth a common saying that there is fornication among you, & suche fornication as is not named among the gentiles: that one shoulde haue his fathers wyfe.
And ye swell, and haue not rather sorowed, that he that hath so done this deede myght be put from among you.
For I veryly, as absent in body, but present in spirite, haue determined alredie, as though I were present, concernyng hym that hath done this deede.
In the name of our Lorde Iesus Christe, when ye are gathered together and my spirite, with the power of the Lorde Iesus Christe,
To delyuer suche a one vnto Satan for the destruction of the flesshe, that the spirite may be saued in the daye of the Lorde Iesus.
Your reioycing is not good.
Knowe ye not, that a litle leauen leaueneth the whole lumpe ?
Purge out therfore the olde leauen, that ye maye be newe dowe, as ye are vnleauened bread: For Christe our Pasouer is offred vp for vs.
Therefore let vs kepe holy day, not with old leauen, neither with the leauen of maliciousnes and wickednesse, but with the vnleauened bread of purenesse and trueth.
I wrote vnto you in an epistle, that ye should not companie with fornicatours:
[And I meant] not at all with the fornicatours of this worlde, or with the couetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters: for then must ye needes haue gone out of the world.
But nowe I haue written vnto you, that ye companie not together, if any that is called a brother be a fornicatour, or couetous, or a worshipper of idols, or a rayler, or a drunkarde, or an extortioner: with him that is such [see that ye] eate not.
For what haue I to do to iudge them that are without?
Do ye not iudge them that are within?
For what haue I to do to iudge them that are without?
Do ye not iudge them that are within?
Them that are without God iudgeth.
Put away from among you that wicked person.