And Hira king of Tyre sent his seruauntes vnto Solomon (for he had hearde that they had annoynted him king in the roome of his father) For Hira was euer a louer of Dauid.
And Solomon sent to Hiram, saying:
Thou knowest howe that Dauid my father could not buyld an house vnto the name of the Lorde his God for the warres which were about him on euery syde, vntill the Lorde put them vnder the soles of his feete.
But now the Lorde my God hath geuen me rest on euery syde, so that there is neither aduersarie nor euill to resist.
And beholde, I am determined to build an house vnto ye name of the Lord my God, as the Lord spake vnto Dauid my father, saying: Thy sonne whom I wil set vpon thy seate for thee, he shal build an house vnto my name.
Now therefore commaund thou that they hewe me Cedar trees out of Libanon, & my seruautes shalbe with thyne, and vnto thee wyll I geue the hyre for thy seruauntes, accordyng to all such thinges as thou shalt appoynt: for thou knowest that there are not among vs that can skyl to hewe tymber, lyke vnto the Sidones.
And it came to passe, when Hiram heard ye wordes of Solomo, he reioysed greatly, & said: Blessed be the Lord this day, which hath geuen vnto Dauid a wyse sonne ouer this mightie people.
And Hiram sent to Solomon, saying: I haue considered the thinges which thou sentest to me for, & wyl accomplishe all thy desyre concerning tymber of Cedar trees and firre.
My seruauntes shall bring them from Libanon to the sea, and I wyl conuey them by sea in flootes vnto the place that thou shalt shew me, and wil cause them to be discharged there, and thou shalt receaue them: and thou shalt do me a pleasure againe, if thou minister foode for myne house.
Aud so Hiram gaue Solomon Cedar trees and firre trees according to all his desyre.
And Solomon gaue Hiram twentie thousand quarters of wheate for foode to his housholde, and twentie buts of pure oyle: Thus much gaue Solomon to Hiram yere by yere.
And the Lorde gaue Solomon wisedome as he promysed him: And there was peace betweene Hiram and Solomon, & they two were consedered together.
And king Solomon raysed a summe out of Israel, and the summe was thirtie thousand men:
Whom he sent to Libanon, ten thousand a moneth by course: so that when they had ben one moneth in Libanon, they abode two monethes at home: And Adoniram was ouer the summe.
And Solomon had threescore and ten thousand that bare burdens, and foure score thousand masons in the mountaines:
Besides the lordes whom Solomon appoynted to ouersee the worke, euen three thousand & three hundred, which ruled the people [& them] that wrought in the worke.
And the king commaunded them to bring great stones, costly stones, & hewed stones, for the foundatio of the house.
And Solomons masons, and the masons of Hiram did hewe them, and the stone squarers: And so they prepared both tymber and stones, for the building of the house.