And it came to passe, that in the foure hundred & fourescore yere, after the childre of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, and in the fourth yere of the rayne of Solomon vpon Israel, & in the moneth Zif, which is the second moneth, he began to build the house of the Lorde.
And the house which king Solomon built for the Lorde, was threescore cubites long, and twentie cubites broade, and thirtie cubites hie.
And he made a porche before the temple of the house, which was twentie cubites long, after ye breadth of the house, and ten cubites brode, [euen] in the fore front of the house.
And in the house he made windowes, broade without, and narow within.
And by the wall of the house he made chambers round about [euen] in the walles of the house round about the temple & the quier: and he made chambers round about.
The neathermost chamber was fiue cubites broade, & the middle was sixe cubites broade, & the third was seuen cubites broade: For without in the wall of the house he made restes round about that [the beames of the chambers] shoulde not be fastened in ye walles of the house.
And the house was built of stone, made perfect alredye before it was brought thyther: so that there was neither hammer nor axe, either any toole of iron heard in the house while it was in buylding.
The doore of the middle chamber was in the ryght syde of the house: and men went vp with wineding stayres into the middle chamber, and out of the middle into the third.
And so he built the house, and finished it: and he roofed the house vaultly with beames of Cedar tymber.
And then he built chambers to all the temple fiue cubites heyght, & they were ioyned to the house with beames of Cedar.
And the word of the Lorde came to Solomon, saying:
Concerning the house which thou art in building, if thou wilt walke in myne ordinaunces, and execute my lawes, and kepe all my commaundementes to walke in them: then wyll I make good vnto thee my promise which I promysed Dauid thy father:
And I will dwell among the children of Israel, and will not forsake my people Israel.
Solomon therefore built the house, and finished it.
And seeled the walles of the house within with boordes of Cedar tree: euen fro the pauement of the house vnto the roofe did he seele the walles of it within with Cedar tree: and boorded the floore of the house with planckes of firre.
And he builded twentie cubites in the sydes of the quier of the temple both floore & walles with boordes of Cedar: and dressed it within the secret place of the temple, euen in the most holy.
But the house, that is the temple before it, was fourtie cubites [long.]
And the Cedar of the house within, was carued with knoppes, and grauen with flowres: & all was Cedar timber, so that no stone was sene.
And the quier that was within the temple he prepared, to set there the arke of the appoyntment of the Lorde.
And the quier before was twentie cubites long, & twentie cubites in breadth, and twentie cubites in height: And he couered it with pure golde, and boorded the aulter with Cedar.
So Solomon couered the house within with pure golde: And he made golde barres runne along the quier, which he had couered with golde.
And the whole house he ouerlayde with golde vntil he had ended it: also al the aulter that was in the quier he ouerlayde with golde.
And within the quier he made two Cherubims of Oliue tree ten cubites hie.
Fiue cubites long was a wing of the one Cherub, & fiue cubites long was a wing of the other Cherub: so that from the vttermost part of one wing, vnto the vttermost part of the other, were ten cubites.
And the other Cherub was ten cubites hie also: so that both the Cherubs were of one measure, and one sise:
For the height of the one Cherub was ten cubites, and so was it of the other.
And he put the Cherubs within the inner house: And the Cherubs stretched out their winges, so that the one wing of the one touched the one wall, and the one wing of the other touched the other wall: And the other two winges of them touched one another in the middest of the house.
And he ouerlayde the Cherubs with golde.
And in all the walles of ye house round about, he made figures of carued & seeled worke: [as namely] pictures of Cherubs, & paulme trees, & grauen flowres, [both] within [in the quier] and without [in the temple.]
And the floore of the house he couered with golde, [both] within [in the quier] and [also] without [in the temple.]
And in the entering of the quier, he made two doores of Oliue tree: And both the vpper & two side postes were fiue square.
The two doores also were of oliue tree, & he graued them with grauing of Cherubs and paulme trees and grauen flowres, & couered them with golde, & layde thinne plates of golde vpon the Cherubs and paulme trees.
And so made he for the doore of the temple, postes of Oliue tree foure square.
The two doores were of firre tree, and either doore with foulding leaues.
And he graued thereon Cherubs, paulme trees, & carued flowres: and couered the carued worke with golde finelie wrought.
And he built the inner court with three rowes of hewed stone, and one rowe of Cedar wood.
In the fourth yere was the foundation of the house of the Lorde layde, euen in the moneth Zif.
And in the leuenth yere, in the moneth Bul (which is the eyght moneth) was the house full finished throughout all the partes thereof, according to all the fashion of it: And so was he seuen yeres in building it.