But Solomon was buildinge his owne house thirteene yeres, and finished it all.
And he built ye house in the wood Libanon, an hundred cubites long, and fiftie cubites broade, and thirtie cubites hie: And it stoode vpon foure rowes of Cedar pillers, and Cedar beames were layde vpon the pillers.
And the roofe was Cedar aboue vpon the beames that laye on the pillers, euen 45 beames in fifteene rowes.
And there were windowes in three rowes, and the windowes were one against another three folde.
And al the doores with the syde postes & the vpper postes were foure square, and had windowes one against another three folde.
And he made a porche by the pillers [that bare vp the house] fiftie cubites long, and thirtie cubites broade, and the porche was before those and the other pillers: for there was a thicke tree set before them.
Then he made a porche to sit & iudge in, euen a porche of iudgmet, seeled with Cedar throughout all the pauementes.
And his house wherein he dwelt had an other hall, more inward then the porche, of lyke worke: And then Solomo made an house for Pharaos daughter ( whom he had taken to wyfe) lyke vnto the fashion of the porche.
And all these were of the best stones, hewed after a measure and sawed with sawes within and without, from the foundation vnto the beames that laye aboue, after the measure, and euen so on the out syde toward the great court.
And the foundation was layde vpon rich stones, and that very great stones, whereof some were ten cubites, and some eyght cubites.
And aboue were riche stones, squared after a certayne rule, and couered with Cedar.
And the great court round about, was with three rowes of hewed stones, and one rowe of Cedar planckes, after the maner of the inner court of the house of the Lorde, and of the porche of the temple.
And king Solomon sent and fet one Hiram out of Tyre,
A widowes sonne of ye tribe of Nephthalim, his father being a man of Tyre: Which Hiram was a craftesman in brasse, ful of wisedome, vnderstanding, and cunning, to worke all maner of worke in brasse: And he came to king Solomon, and wrought all his worke.
For he cast two pillers of brasse of eyghteene cubites hie a peece: & a string of twelue cubites did compasse either of them about.
And he made two pommels of moulten brasse, [after the fashion of a crowne,] to set on the toppes of the pillers: The height of the one head peece contayned fiue cubites, and the height of the other head peece contayned fiue cubites also.
He made networke, & wrythen worke like chaines for the pommels vpon the head peeces that were on the top of the pillers: euen seuen [rowes] vpon the one head peece, and seuen vpon the other.
And so he made the pillers, and two rowes of pomegranets rounde about in the one networke to couer the pommels that were vpon the top: and this he did also, for the other head peece.
And the pommels that were on the top of the pillers, were after lillie worke in the porche foure cubites.
And the pommels vpon the two pillers had also aboue ouer against the middest within the networke: [pomegranets] and vpon the second head peece were there two hundred pomegranets in [two] rowes round about.
And he set vp the pillers in the porch of the temple: And when he had set vp the right piller, he called the name therof Iachin: and when he had set vp the left piller, he called the name thereof Boaz.
And vpon the top of the pillers [were] lillie worke: & so was the workmanship of the pillers finished.
And he made a moulten lauatorie ten cubites wide from brim to brim, round in compasse, and fiue cubites hie: And a string of thirtie cubites did compasse it about.
And vnder the brim of it there were knoppes round about, ten in one cubite, and thei compassed the lauatorie round about: And the knoppes were cast with it in two rowes when it was cast.
And it stoode on twelue oxen, of which three loked toward the north, three toward the west, three toward the south, and three toward the east: and the lauatorie stoode vpon them, and al their hinder partes were inward.
It was an hand breadth thicke, and the brym was wrought lyke the brym of a cup with flowres of lilies, and it contained two thousand battes.
And he made ten feete of brasse: foure cubites long, and foure cubites broade a peece, and three cubites hie.
And the worke of the feete was on this maner: They had sides, and the sides were betweene the ledges.
And on the sides that were betweene the ledges, were lions, oxen, and Cherubs: and likewise vpo the ledges that were aboue: and beneath the lions and oxen, were certayne additions made of thynne worke.
And vnder euery foote were foure brasen wheeles, and boordes of brasse: and in the foure corners thereof vnder the lauatorie, were vndersetters moulten at the side of euery addition.
And the stalke of the lauatorie was in the middle of it, and aboue one cubite: But the stalke thereof was round after the worke of the foote, a cubite & a halfe: and also vpon the stalke were grauings with their bands, foure square and not round.
And vnder the sydes were foure wheeles, and the axeltrees ioyned fast to the bottome, and the height of euery wheele was a cubite and an halfe.
And the workmanship of the wheeles was lyke the worke of a charet wheele: and the axeltrees, the nauelles, spokes, and shaftes, were al moulten.
And there were foure vndersetters in the foure corners of one foote, & the vndersetters were of ye very bottome selfe.
And in the height of the bottome was there a rounde compasse of halfe a cubite hie: and in that height of the bottome there proceeded both ledges and sydes out of the same.
For in the boordes of the ledges and on the sydes, he had grauen pictures of Cherubims, lions, & paulme trees, one by another rounde about.
Thus made he the ten feete after this maner: and they had all one fashion of casting, one measure, and one syse.
Then made he ten lauers of brasse one lauer contayning fourtie battes: and euery lauer was foure cubites, & vpon euery one of the ten feete, he put one lauer.
And he put fiue of those feete on the ryght syde of the house, and other fiue on the left: and he set the lauatorie on the right syde of the house eastward, and toward the south.
And Hiram made pots, shouels, and basons, & so finished all the worke that he made king Solomon for the house of the Lorde:
That is to say, two pillers, and two round head peeces that were to be set on the toppes of the two pillers.
And foure hundred pomegranates for the two networkes, euen two rowes of pomegranates in one networke to couer the two head peeces that were to be set on the toppes of the pillers:
And the ten feete, and ten lauers on the feete:
The lauatorie, and twelue oxen vnder it:
And pottes, shouels, and basons: And all these vessels which Hiram made to king Solomo for the house of the Lord, were of bright brasse.
In the playne of Iordane did the king cast them [euen] in the thicke claye, betweene Socoh and Zarthan.
And Solomon left all the vessels [vn.
wayed] because they were so exceeding many, neither founde they out the waight of the brasse.
And so Solomon made al the vessels that parteyned vnto the house of the Lorde, the golden aulter, and the golden table wheron the shew bread was:
And fiue candelstickes for the ryght side, and fiue for the left before the quier, of pure golde, with flowres, lampes, and snuffers of golde.
And bowles, flat peeces, basons, spoones, & masours, of pure golde: and hyndges made he of golde, both for the doores of the quier the place most holy, and for the doores of the temple also.
And so was ended all the worke that king Solomon made for the house of the Lorde: And Solomon brought in the thinges which Dauid his father had dedicated, euen the siluer, golde, and vessels, and layde them vp among the treasures of the house of the Lord.