For as muche then as Christ hath suffered for vs in the fleshe, arme ye your selues lykewise with the same mynde: for he which suffereth in the fleshe, ceasseth from sinne:
That he hence forwarde shoulde lyue, as much tyme as remayneth in ye fleshe, not after the lustes of men, but after the wyll of God.
For it is sufficient for vs that we haue spent the tyme that is paste of the lyfe, after the wyll of the gentiles, walkyng in wantonnesse, lustes, in excesse of wynes, in excesse of eatyng, in excesse of drynkyng, and abominable idolatrie.
And it seemeth to them an inconuenient thyng, that ye runne not also with them vnto the same excesse of riote, and therefore speake they euyll of you:
Whiche shall geue accomptes to hym that is redy to iudge quicke and dead.
For vnto this purpose veryly was the Gospel peached also vnto ye dead, that they shoulde be iudged lyke other men in the fleshe, but should lyue before God in the spirite.
The ende of all thynges is at hande.
Be ye therefore sober, and watche vnto prayer.
But aboue all thynges, haue feruent loue among your selues: For loue shall couer the multitude of sinnes.
Be ye harberous one to another, without grudgyng.
As euery man hath receaued the gyft, eue so minister the same one to another, as good ministers of the manifold grace of God.
If any man speake, [let hym talke] as the wordes of God.
If any man minister, let him do it as of the abilitie which God ministreth vnto hym, that God in all thinges may be glorified through Iesus Christe, to whom be prayse and dominion for euer and euer.
Dearely beloued, thinke it not straunge concerning the fierie triall, which thing is to trye you, as though some straunge thyng happened vnto you.
But reioyce, in as much as ye are partakers of Christes passions: that when his glory appeareth, ye maye be mery and glad.
Yf ye be rayled vpon for the name of Christe, happy are ye.
For the spirite of glory and of God, resteth vpon you: On their part he is euyll spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.
See that none of you be punished as a murtherer, or as a thiefe, or an euyll doer, or as a busie body in other mens matters.
Yf any [man suffer] as a Christian man, let hym not be ashamed, but let him glorifie God on this behalfe.
For the tyme is [come] that iudgement must begin at the house of God.
Yf it first [begin] at vs, what shall the ende be of them whiche beleue not the Gospell of God?
And if the ryghteous scacely be saued, where shall the vngodly and the sinner appeare?
Wherefore, let them that are troubled accordyng to the wyll of God, commit their soules to him with well doyng, as vnto a faythfull creatour.