Ioas was seuen yeres olde when he began to raigne, & he raigned fourtie yeres in Hierusalem: His mothers name also was Zibia of Beerseba.
And Ioas dyd that whiche was right in the sight of the Lorde all the dayes of Iehoiada the priest.
And Iehoiada toke him two wyues, and he begat sonnes and daughters.
And it chaunced after this, that Ioas was minded to renue the house of the Lorde.
And he gathered together the priestes and the Leuites, and sayde to them: Go out vnto the cities of Iuda, and gather of all Israel money to repaire the house of your God from yere to yere, and see that ye haste the thing: Howebeit the Leuites were slacke.
And the king called Iehoiada that was the chiefest, & sayd vnto him: Why requirest thou not of the Leuites to bring in out of Iuda and Hierusalem the collection of money, according to the commaundement of Moyses the seruaunt of the Lorde, and of the congregation of Israel for the tabernacle of witnesse?
For wicked Athaliahu and her children brake vp the house of God, and all the thinges that were dedicate for the house of the lord, did they bestow for Baalim.
And at the kinges commaundement they made a chest, and set it without at the gate of the house of the Lorde:
And made a proclamation through Iuda & Hierusalem, to bring in to the Lord the taxation of money that Moyses the seruaunt of God set vpon Israel in the wildernesse.
And the lordes and al the people reioysed, and brought in, & cast into the chest vntill it was full.
And it fortuned, that at the same time they brought in the chest vnto them whiche were in the kinges businesse by the hand of the Leuites, and when they sawe that there was much money, the kinges scribe, and one appoynted by the hye priest, came, and emptied the chest, and toke it, and caried it to his place agayne.
Thus they dyd day by day, and gathered much money.
And the king and Iehoiada gaue it to such as dyd the labour and worke in the house of the Lorde, and hired masons and carpenters to repaire the house of the Lorde, and so dyd they artificers in iron and brasse to mende the house of the Lorde.
And so the workmen wrought, and the worke mended through their handes: and they made the house of God as it ought to be, and strengthed it.
And when they had finished it, they brought the rest of the money before the king and Iehoiada, and therwith were made vessels for the house of the Lorde, euen vessels to minister withall, [and to serue for burnt offringes] chargers and spoones, vessels of golde and siluer: And they offered burnt offringes in the house of the Lord continually all the dayes of Iehoiada.
But Iehoiada waxed olde, and dyed full of dayes: for an hundred and thirtie yeres olde was he when he died.
And they buried him in the citie of Dauid among the kinges, because he dealt well with Israel, and with God and with his house.
And after the death of Iehoiada, came the lordes of Iuda and made obeysaunce to the king: And the king hearkened vnto them.
And so they left the house of the Lorde God of their fathers, and serued groues and idoles, and then came the wrath of God vpon Iuda and Hierusalem for this their trespaces sake.
And he sent prophetes to them, to bring the againe vnto the Lord, & they testified vnto them: but they woulde not heare.
And the spirite of God came vpon Zacharia the sonne of Iehoiada the priest, which stoode by the people, and sayd vnto them, thus sayth God: Why transgresse ye the commaundementes of the Lorde, that ye can not prosper?
For because ye haue forsaken the Lord, he also hath forsaken you.
And they conspired against him, and stoned him with stones at the commaundement of the king, euen in the court of the house of the Lorde.
And so Ioas the king remembred not ye kindnesse whiche Iehoiada his father had done to him, but slue his sonne: And when he died, he sayde, The Lorde loke vpon it, and require it.
And when the yere was out, it fortuned that the hoast of Syria came vp against him, and they came against Iuda and Hierusalem, and destroyed all the lordes of the people from among the people, and sent all the spoyle of them vnto the king to Damascon.
For the Syrians came with a small companie of men, and the Lorde deliuered a verie great hoast into their hande, because they had forsaken the Lord God of their fathers: And they gaue sentence against Ioas.
And when they were departed from him, they left him in great diseases: and his owne seruauntes conspired against him for the blood of the children of Iehoiada the priest, and slue hym on his bed, and he died: and they buried him in the citie of Dauid, but not in the sepulchres of the kinges.
And these are they that conspired against him: Zabad the sonne of Simeath an Ammonite, & Iehosabad the sonne of Simrith a Moabite.
And his sonnes, & the summe of the taxe that was raysed in his time, and the repairing of the house of God, beholde they are written in the storie of the booke of the kinges: and Amaziahu his sonne raigned in his steade.