And he made an aulter of brasse, twentie cubites long, and twentie cubites broade, and ten cubites hie.
And he cast a brasen lauatorie of ten cubites from brym to brym, rounde in compasse, and fiue cubites hie: and a line of thirtie cubites dyd compasse it round about.
And vnder it was the fashion of oxen, whiche dyd compasse it rounde about: with ten cubites dyd they compasse the lauatorie rounde about, and there were two rowes of oxen whiche were cast lyke molten worke.
And it stoode also vpon twelue oxen: three loked towarde the north, three towarde the west, three toward the south, and three toward the east: and the lauatorie was set vpon them, and all their backes were towarde the lauatorie.
And the thyckest of it was an hande breadth, and the brym like the brym of a cuppe, with floures of lilies: and it receaued and helde three thousande battes.
And he made ten lauers, and put fiue on the right hand, and fiue on the left, to washe and clense in them such thinges as they offered for a burnt offring: But the great lauatorie was for the priestes to washe in.
And he made ten candelstickes of gold, according to the patterne that was geue of them, and put them in the temple, fiue on the right hande, and fiue on the left.
And he made also ten tables, and put them in the temple, fiue on the right side, and fiue on the left: And he made an hundred basens of golde.
And he made the court of the priestes, and the great court, and doores to it, and ouerlayde the doores of them with brasse.
And he set the great lauatorie on the right side of the east ende, ouer against the south.
And Hiram made pottes, shouels, and basens, & finished the worke that he was appoynted to make for king Solomon in the house of God.
The two pillers, and the bowles, and the pommels on the toppe of the two pillers, and the two wreathes to couer the two bowles of the pommels whiche were on the toppe of the pillers,
And foure hundred pomegranates on the two wreathes: two rowes of pomegranates on one wreath to couer the two bowles of the pomels.
And he made two bottomes, and lauers made he vpon the bottomes.
The great lauatorie, and twelue oxen vnder it.
Pottes also, shouels, and fleshhokes: and all these vessels dyd Hiram his father make to king Solomon for the house of the Lord, of bright brasse.
In the playne of Iordane did the king cast them, euen in the clay grounde that is betweene Socoth and Zaredatha.
And Solomon made al these vessels in great aboundaunce: for the weyght of brasse coulde not be reckened.
And Solomon made al the vessels that were for the house of God, the golden aulter also, & the tables to set the shewe bread vpon.
Moreouer, the candelstickes with their lampes, to burne after the maner before the quier, and that of precious golde.
And the floures, and the lampes, and the snoffers made he of golde, and that perfect golde.
And the dressing knyues, basens, spoones, and censers of pure golde: And the doore of the temple, and the inner doores within the place most holy, and the inner doores of the temple were gilted.