And it chaunced, that whe the Lord would take vp Elias into heauen by a whorle wind, Elias went with Elisa from Gilgal.
And Elias saide vnto Elisa: Tary here I praye thee, for the Lorde hath sent me to Bethel.
Elisa saide vnto him: As the Lorde lyueth, and as thy soule liueth, I will not leaue thee.
And they came downe to Bethel,
And the children of the prophetes that were at Bethel came out to Elisa, and saide vnto him: knowest thou not how that the Lord wyll take away thy maister from thy head this day?
He saide: I knowe it also, holde you your peace.
And Elia saide vnto him: Elisa, tary here I praye thee, for the Lorde hath sent me to Iericho.
He saide: As the Lorde lyueth, and as thy soule lyueth, I will not leaue thee.
And so they came to Iericho.
And the children of the prophetes that were at Iericho came to Elisa, and said vnto him: Knowest thou not, that the Lorde wil take away thy maister from thy head this day?
He aunswered: I know it also, holde ye your peace.
And Elias said vnto him: Tary I pray thee here, for the Lorde hath sent me to Iordane.
He saide: As the Lord liueth, & as thy soule lyueth, I wyll not leaue thee.
And so they two went together.
And fiftie men of the sonnes of the prophetes came & stoode on the other syde a farre of: and they two stoode by Iordane.
And Elias toke his mantell, & wrapt it together, and smote the waters, and they were deuided parte the one way, and part the other, so that they two went ouer through the drye lande.
And it fortuned, that assoone as they were ouer, Elias saide vnto Elisa: Aske what I shal do for thee, yer I be taken away from thee.
And Elisa saide: I pray thee let thy spirite be double vpon me.
And he said, Thou hast asked an hard thing: Neuerthelesse, if thou see me whe I am taken away from thee, thou shalt haue it so: yf thou do not, it shall not be.
And it fortuned, that as they went walking and talking: beholde, there appeared a charet of fyre, and horses of fyre, & parted them both a sunder, and Elias went vp through the whorle winde into heauen.
And Elisa sawe, and cryed: O my father, O my father, the charet of Israel, and the horsemen thereof.
And he sawe him no more: and he toke his owne clothes, and rent them in two peeces.
He toke vp also the mantell of Elias that fell from him, and went backe againe, and stoode by Iordanes syde.
And toke the mantel of Elias that fel from him, and smote the waters, & he said: Where is the Lord God of Elias, & he him selfe?
And when he had smitten the waters, they parted this waye and that waye: and Elisa went ouer.
And when the childre of the prophetes which were at Iericho sawe him from a farre, they sayde, The spirite of Elias doth rest on Elisa: And they came to meete him, and fel to the grounde before him,
And saide vnto him: See, now there be with thy seruauntes fiftie strong men, let the go we pray thee & seeke thy maister: yf happly the spirite of the Lorde hath taken him vp, and cast him vpon some mountaine, or into some valley.
And he saide: Ye shall send none.
And when they laye vpon him tyll he was ashamed, he said: Send.
They sent therefore fiftie men, which sought him three dayes, but found him not.
And when they came againe to him (which taryed at Iericho) he saide vnto them: Did I not saye vnto you, that ye should not go?
And the men of the citie saide vnto Elisa: beholde sir, the dwelling of this citie is pleasaunt, as thou thy selfe seest: but the water is naught, & the grounde barren.
He saide: Bring me a new cruse, and put salt therein.
And they brought it to him.
And he went vnto the spring of the waters, and cast the salt in thyther, and saide, thus saith the Lord: I haue healed these waters, there shall not come hencefoorth either death or barennesse.
So the waters were healed vnto this day, according to the saying of Elias, which he spake.
And he went vp from thence vnto Bethel: And as he was going vp the way, there came litle children out of the citie, and mocked him, & saide vnto him: Go vp thou balde head, go vp thou balde head.
And he turned backe, and loked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lorde: And there came two shee beares out of the wood, and tare fourtie and two children of them.
And he went from thence to mount Carmel, and from thence he turned againe to Samaria.