About that time was Hezekia sicke vnto the death: And the prophete Isai the sonne of Amoz came to him, and sayde vnto him, Thus saith the Lord: Put thine houshold in an order, for thou shalt dye, and not lyue.
And Hezekia turned his face to the wal, and prayed vnto the Lord, saying.
I beseche the, O Lorde, remember now how I haue walked before thee in trueth and with a perfect heart, & haue done that whiche is good in thy sight.
And Hezekia wept sore.
And it fortuned that afore Isai was gone out into the middle of the court, the word of the Lorde came to him, saying:
Turne againe, and tell Hezekia the captayne of my people, thus sayth the Lorde God of Dauid thy father: I haue hearde thy prayer, and seene thy teares, and beholde I will heale thee, so that on the thirde day thou shalt go vp into the house of the Lorde.
And I wil adde vnto thy dayes yet fifteene yeres, & I will deliuer thee & this citie out of the hand of ye king of Assyria, & will defende this citie, for myne owne sake, & for Dauid my seruauntes sake.
And Isai sayd: Take a lumpe of dried figges.
And they toke and layed it on the sore, and he recouered.
And Hezekia sayde vnto Isai: What shalbe the signe that the Lorde will heale me, and that I shal go vp into the house of the Lorde the thirde day?
Isai aunswered: This signe shalt thou haue of the Lord, that the Lord will do that he hath spoken: Shall the shadowe go forwarde ten degrees?
or go backe againe ten degrees?
Hezekia aunswered: It is a light thing for the shadowe to go downe ten degrees, I desire not [that:] but let the shadowe go backwarde ten degrees.
And Isai the prophete called vnto the Lord, and he brought the shadowe ten degrees backewarde, by whiche it had gone downe in the dyall of Ahaz,
The same season Berodach Baladan the sonne of Baladan king of Babylon, sent letters and a present vnto Hezekia: for he had hearde howe that Hezekia was sicke.
And Hezekia was glad of them, and shewed them all his treasure house, siluer, golde, odours, precious oyntment, all the house of his armory, and all that was found in his treasures: There was nothing in his house, & in all his realme, that Hezekia shewed them not.
And Isai the prophete came vnto king Hezekia, and sayd vnto him: What sayde these men?
and from wence came they to thee?
And Hezekia sayde: They be come from a farre countrey, euen from Babylon.
And he sayde againe: What haue they seene in thy house?
Hezekia aunswered: All ye thinges that are in my house haue they seene: there is nothing among my treasures, that I haue not shewed the.
And Isai sayde vnto Hezekia: Heare the word of the Lord,
Beholde, the dayes come, that all that is in thy house, and whatsoeuer thy fathers haue layde vp in store vnto this day, shalbe caryed into Babylon: and nothing shalbe left sayth the Lorde.
And of thy sonnes that shall proceede out of thee, and which thou shalt beget, shall they take away, and they shalbe chamberlaynes in the palace of the king of Babylon.
And Hezekia sayde vnto Isai: Welcome be the worde of the Lorde whiche thou hast spoken.
And he sayde: Shall there not be peace & trueth in my dayes?
The remnaunt of the wordes that concerne Hezekia, and all his power, and howe he made a poole and a conduite, & brought water into the citie, are they not written in the booke of the cronicles of the kinges of Iuda?
And Hezekia slept with his fathers, & Manasse his sonne raigned in his steade