Then there was an hunger in the dayes of Dauid three yeres together: And Dauid enquired of ye Lorde.
And the Lorde aunswered: It is for Saul, and the house of blood, because he slue the Gibeonites.
And the king called the Gibeonites, and saide vnto them: (Now the Gibeonites were not of the children of Israel, but a remnaunt of the Amorites, and the children of Israel sware vnto them: And Saul sought to slay them, for a zeale that he had to the children of Israel and of Iuda.)
Wherefore Dauid saide vnto the Gibeonites: What shall I do for you, & wherewith shall I make the attonement, that ye may blesse ye inheritaunce of the Lorde?
The Gibeonites aunswered him: We will haue no siluer nor golde of Saul nor of his house, neither is it our mind that thou shouldest kil any man in Israel.
He saide: What you shall say, that will I do for you.
They aunswered the king: The man that consumed vs, and imagined to bring vs to naught, that we are destroyed from remaining in any of the coastes of Israel:
Let seuen men of his sonnes be deliuered vnto vs, & we will hang them vp vnto the Lorde in Gibeah of Saul whom ye Lord did choose.
And the king saide: I will geue them you.
But the king had compassion on Miphiboseth the sonne of Ionathan the sonne of Saul, because of the Lordes oth that was betweene them, euen betweene Dauid & Ionathan the sonne of Saul.
But the king toke the two sonnes of Rispha the daughter of Aia whom she bare vnto Saul, euen Armoni and Miphiboseth, and the fiue sonnes of Michol the daughter of Saul, whom she bare to Adriel the sonne of Barzellai the Meholathite.
And he deliuered them vnto ye handes of the Gibeonites, which hanged them in the hill before the Lorde: And they fell all seuen together, and were slaine in the dayes of haruest, euen in the first dayes, and in the beginning of barlye haruest.
And Rispha the daughter of Aia, toke sackcloth, & hanged it vp for her vpon the rocke [euen] from the beginning of haruest, vntill water dropped vpon them out of heauen, & suffered neither the byrdes of the ayre to lyght on them by day, nor beastes of ye fielde by night.
And it was tolde Dauid what Rispha the daughter of Aia the concubine of Saul, had done.
And Dauid went and toke the bones of Saul and of Ionathan his sonne, from the citezins of Iabes in Gilead, which had stolen them from the streate of Bethsan where the Philistines had hanged them, whe the Philistines had slaine Saul in Gilboa:
And he brought thence the bones of Saul, and the bones of Ionathan his sonne, and they gathered the bones of them that were hanged.
And the bones of Saul & Ionathan his sonne buryed they in the countrey of Beniamin, in Zela, in the sepulchre of Cis his father: And when they had perfourmed al that the king commaunded, God was then at one with the land.
Moreouer, yt Philistines had yet warre againe with Israel, and Dauid went downe and his seruauntes with him, & fought against the Philistines: And Dauid waxed faintie.
And Iesbi benob one of the sonnes of the giauntes (the iron of whose speare wayed three hundred sicles of brasse) and he being gyrded with a new sword, thought to haue slaine Dauid.
But Abisai the sonne of Zaruia succoured him, & smote the Philistine, and killed him.
Then the seruauntes of Dauid sware vnto him, saying: Thou shalt go no more out with vs to battaile, that thou quenche not the light of Israel.
And yet after this, there was a battaile with the Philistines at Gob, and then Sibbechai the Husathite slue Saph which was one of ye sonnes of the giauntes.
And there was another battaile in Gob with the Philistines, where Elhanan the sonne of Iaere Oregim a Beth lehennite slue Goliath ye Gethite: the staffe of whose speare was as great as a weauers clothbeame.
And there was yet another battaile in Geth, wher was a man of a great stature, and had on euery hand sixe fingers, & on euery foote sixe toes, foure & twentie in number, and was borne also of the kindred of the giauntes in Geth.
And when he defyed Israel, Ionathan the sonne of Simea the brother of Dauid slue him.
These foure were borne to the giaunt in Geth, and dyed by the hand of Dauid, & by the handes of his seruauntes.