The elder vnto ye beloued Gaius, whom I loue in the trueth.
Beloued, I wishe in all thynges that thou prosperedst and faredst well, euen as thy soule prospereth.
For I reioyced greatly, when the brethren came & testified of the trueth that is in thee, how thou walkest in ye trueth.
I haue no greater ioy, the for to heare how that my sonnes walke in veritie.
Beloued, thou doest faythfully whatsoeuer thou doest to the brethren, and to straungers,
Which beare witnesse of thy loue before the Churche.
Which brethren, yf thou bryng forwardes of their iourney after a godly sorte, thou shalt do well.
Because that for his names sake they went foorth, and toke nothyng of the gentiles.
We therfore ought to receaue such, that we myght be helpers to the trueth.
I wrote vnto the Churche: but Diotrephes which loueth to haue the preeminence among the, receaueth vs not.
Wherfore yf I come, I wyll declare his deedes which he doth, iestyng on vs with malicious wordes, neither is therwith content: not only he hym selfe receaueth not the brethren: but also he forbiddeth the that woulde, and thrusteth them out of the Churche.
Beloued, folow not that which is euyl, but that which is good.
He that doth well, is of God: but he that doth euyll, seeth not God.
Demetrius hath good report of all men, and of the trueth it selfe: Yea, and we our selues also beare recorde, and ye knowe that our recorde is true.
I haue many thynges to write: but I wyll not with inke and penne write vnto thee.
I trust I shal shortly see thee, and we shall speake mouth to mouth.
Peace be vnto thee.
The louers salute thee.
Greete the louers by name.