Nowe Peter and Iohn went vp together into the temple at the nynth houre of prayer.
And a certayne man, that was lame from his mothers wombe, was brought, whom they layde dayly at the gate of the temple which is called beawtifull, to aske almes of them that entred into the temple.
When he sawe Peter and Iohn that they woulde go into the temple, he desired to receaue an almes.
And Peter fastenyng his eyes vpon hym with Iohn, sayde: Loke on vs.
And he gaue heede vnto the, trustyng to receaue somethyng of them.
Then sayde Peter: Syluer and golde haue I none, but such as I haue, geue I thee: In the name of Iesus Christe of Nazareth, ryse vp, and walke.
And he toke hym by the ryght hande, and lyft hym vp.
And immediatly his feete and ancle bones receaued strength.
And he sprang, stoode, and walked, and entred with them into the temple, walkyng, and leaping, & praysyng God.
And all the people sawe hym walke, and prayse God.
And they knewe hym, that it was he, which sate and begged at the beawtifull gate of the temple.
And they wondred, and were sore astonyed at that which had happened vnto hym.
And as the lame which was healed, helde Peter and Iohn, all the people ran amased vnto them, in the porche that is called Solomons.
And when Peter sawe that, he aunswered vnto the people: Ye men of Israel, why maruayle ye at this, or why loke ye so on vs, as though by our owne power or godlynesse, we had made this man to go?
The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Iacob, the God of our fathers hath glorified his sonne Iesus, whom ye betrayed and denyed in the presence of Pilate, when he had iudged hym to be loosed.
But ye denyed the holy and iust, and desired a murtherer to be geuen you,
And kylled the Lorde of lyfe, whom God hath raysed from the dead: of the which we are witnesses.
And his name, through the fayth in his name, hath made this man sounde, whom ye see and knowe: And the fayth which is by hym, hath geuen to this man health, in the presence of you all.
And nowe brethren, I wote that through ignoraunce ye dyd it, as dyd also your rulers.
But those thynges which God before had shewed by the mouth of all his prophetes, that Christe shoulde suffer, he hath so fulfylled.
Repent ye therfore and conuert, that your sinnes may be done away, when the tyme of refreshyng shall come, in the presence of the Lorde.
And he shall sende Iesus Christ, which before was preached vnto you.
Whom the heauen must receaue, vntill the tyme that all thynges be restored, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophetes since the world began.
Moyses truely sayde vnto the fathers: A prophete shall the Lorde your God rayse vp vnto you, of your brethren, lyke vnto me: hym shall ye heare in all thynges, whatsoeuer he shall say vnto you.
For the tyme wyll come, that euery soule which wyll not heare that same prophete, shalbe destroyed from among the people.
All the prophetes also fro Samuel & thencefoorth, as many as haue spoken, haue lykewise tolde you of these dayes.
Ye are the chyldren of the prophetes, and of the couenaunt which God made vnto our fathers, saying to Abraham: Euen in thy seede shall all the kinredes of the earth be blessed.
Unto you first, God hath raysed vp his sonne Iesus, and hath sent hym to blesse you, in turnyng euery one of you from his iniquities.