Thus sayth the Lorde, For three wickednesses of Moab, & for foure I will not spare him: because he burnt the bones of the king of Edom into lime.
Therfore will I send a fire into Moab, which shal consume the palaces of Carioth, and Moab shall die with tumult, with showting, and with the sounde of the trumpet.
And I will cut of the iudge out of the mids therof, and wil slay all the princes therof with him, sayth the Lorde.
Thus sayth the Lorde, For three wickednesses of Iuda, and for foure I will not spare hym: because they haue cast away the lawe of the Lord, and haue not kept his ordinaunces, and their lies caused them to erre, after the which their fathers walked.
Therfore will I send a fire into Iuda, which shall consume the palaces of Hierusalem:
Thus sayth the Lorde, For three wickednesses of Israel, and for foure I wil not spare hym: because they solde the righteous for siluer, and the poore for a paire of shoes.
They gape for breath ouer the head of the poore in the dust of the earth, & peruert the way of the meke: A man and his father will go in to one mayde, to dishonour my holy name.
And they lye vpon clothes layde to pledge by euery aulter: and in the house of their god, they drinke the wine of the condempned.
Yet destroyed I the Amorite before them, whose heyght was like the height of the Cedar trees, and he was strong as the okes: notwithstanding I destroyed his fruite from aboue, and his roote from beneath.
Also I brought you vp from the lande of Egypt, & led you fourtie yeres thorow the wildernesse, to possesse the lande of the Amorites.
And I raysed vp of your sonnes for prophetes, and of your young men for Nazarites: Is it not euen thus, O ye children of Israel, sayth the Lorde?
But ye gaue the Nazarites wine to drinke, and commaunded the prophetes, saying, Prophecie not.
Beholde, I am pressed vnder you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaues.
Therfore the flight shall perishe from the swift, and the strong shal not strengthen his force, neither shall the mightie saue his life.
Nor he that handleth the bowe shall stande, nor he that is swift of foote shall escape, neither shall he that rydeth the horse, saue his life.
And he that is of mightie courage among the strong men, shal flee away naked in that day, sayth the Lorde.