Then we turned, and went vp the way to Basan: And Og the kyng of Basan came out agaynst vs, he and all his people, to fyght at Edrai.
And the Lorde sayde vnto me: Feare hym not, for I wyll deliuer hym, and all his people, and his lande, into thy hande, and thou shalt do vnto hym, as thou diddest vnto Sehon kyng of the Amorites, which dwelt at Hesbon.
And so the Lorde our God deliuered into our handes Og also the kyng of Basan, and all his folke: And we smote hym vntyll none was left hym alyue.
And we toke all his cities the same season, neither was there a citie which we toke not from them, euen threescore cities throughout the region of Argob, of the kyngdome of Og in Basan.
All these cities also were made strong with hye walles, gates, & barres, beside vnwalled townes a great meany,
And we vtterly destroyed them, as we dyd vnto Sehon kyng of Hesbon, bryngyng to naught all the cities, with men, women, and children:
But all the cattell and the spoyle of the cities, we toke for our selues.
And thus we toke the same season out of the hande of two kynges of the Amorites, the land that was on the other side Iordane, from the riuer of Arnon, vnto mount Hermon:
(Which Hermon the Sidons call Sirion, and the Amorites call it Senir)
All the cities that lay in the playne, and all Gilead, and all Basan vnto Selcha and Edrai, cities of the kyngdome of Og in Basan:
For only Og kyng of Basan, remayned of the remnaunt of the giauntes, whose bed was a bed of iron: And is it not yet at Rabbath among ye children of Ammon?
Nine cubites doth the length therof contayne, and foure cubites the breadth of it, after the cubite of a man.
And so we conquered this lande the same tyme, from Aroer which is by the riuer of Arnon, vnto halfe mount Gilead, and the cities therof gaue I vnto the Rubenites and Gadites.
And the rest of Gilead, and all Basan of the kyngdome of Og, gaue I vnto the halfe tribe of Manasse: euen all the region of Argob, with all Basan, which is called the lande of giauntes.
Iair the sonne of Manasse, toke all the countrey of Argob, vnto the coastes of Gessuri & Maachati, and called them after his owne name, Basan Hauoth Iair, vnto this day.
And I gaue Gilead vnto Machir.
And vnto the Rubenites and Gadites I gaue Gilead vnto the riuer of Arnon, halfe the valley and beyonde, euen vnto the riuer Iabock, which is the border of the children of Ammon:
The playne also, and Iordane, and the coast therof, from Cenereth, euen vnto the sea which is in the playne, euen the salt sea vnder the springes of the hyll, eastwarde.
And I commaunded you the same tyme, saying: The Lorde your God hath geuen you this lande to enioy it: ye shall go harnessed before your brethren the children of Israel, all that are meete for the warre.
Your wyues only, your children, and your cattell (for I knowe that ye haue much cattell) shall abyde in your cities which I haue geuen you,
Untyll the Lorde haue geuen rest vnto your brethren as well as vnto you, and vntyll they also possesse the lande which the Lorde your God hath geuen them beyonde Iordane: and then shall ye returne agayne, euery man vnto his possession which I haue geuen you.
And I commaunded Iosuah hym selfe the same tyme, saying: Thyne eyes haue seene all that the Lorde your God hath done vnto these two kynges: euen so shall he do vnto all kyngdomes whither thou goest.
Ye shall not feare them: for the Lorde your God he shall fyght for you.
And I besought the Lorde the same tyme, saying:
O Lorde God, thou hast begunne to shewe thy seruaunt thy greatnesse and thy mightie hande: for where is there a God in heauen or in earth, that can do after thy workes, and like to thy power?
I pray thee let me go ouer, and see the good lande that is beyonde Iordane, that goodly mountayne, & Libanon.
But the Lorde was angry with me for your sakes, and woulde not heare me.
And the Lorde sayde vnto me: Be content, speake no more vnto me of this matter.
Get thee vp into the top of the hyll, & lift vp thyne eyes westwarde, northwarde, southwarde, and eastwarde, and beholde it with thyne eyes: for thou shalt not go ouer this Iordane.
But charge Iosuah, and encourage hym, and bolden hym: For he shall go before this people, and he shall deuide vnto the the lande which thou shalt see.
And so we abode in the valley ouer agaynst the house of Peor.