Lay thy bread vpon wette faces, and so shalt thou finde it after many dayes.
Geue part seue days, & also vpon the eyght: for thou knowest not what miserie shall come vpon earth.
When the cloudes are full, they powre out raine vpon the earth.
And when the tree falleth, whether it be towarde the south or north, in what place soeuer it fall, there it lieth.
He that regardeth the winde, shall not sowe: and he that hath respect vnto the cloudes, shall not reape.
Nowe like as thou knowest not the way of the spirite, nor howe the bones do growe in the wombe of her that is with chylde: Euen so thou knowest not the workes of God, which is the workmaster of all.
Ceasse not thou therefore with thy handes to sowe thy seede, whether it be in the morning or in the euening: for thou knowest not whether this or that shall prosper, and if they both take, it is the better.
The light is sweete, and a pleasaunt thing is it for the eyes to looke vpon the sunne.
If a man lyue many yeres, and be glad in them all, let hym remember the dayes of darknesse whiche shalbe manye, and that foloweth: Al thinges shalbe but vanitie.
Be glad then (O thou young man) in thy youth, and let thy heart be merie in thy young dayes, folowe the wayes of thyne owne heart, and the lust of thyne eyes, but be thou sure that God shall bryng thee into iudgement for all these thinges.
Put away displeasure out of thine heart, and remoue euill from thy body: for chyldhood and youth is but vanitie.