So I turned me, and considered all the violent wrong that is done vnder the sunne: and beholde the teares of such as were oppressed, and there was no man to comfort them, or that woulde deliuer and defende them from the violence of their oppressours.
Wherfore I iudged those that are dead, to be more happy then those that be alyue?
Yea him that is yet vnborne, to be better at ease then they both: because he seeth not the miserable workes that are done vnder the sunne.
Agayne, I sawe that all trauayle and diligence of labour that euery man taketh in hande, was done of enuie agaynst his neighbour: This is also a vayne thyng, and a vexation of mynde.
The foole foldeth his handes together, and eateth vp his owne fleshe.
One handfull [saith he] is better with rest, then both the handes full with labour and trauayle of mynde.
Moreouer I turned me, and beholde yet another vanitie vnder the sunne.
There is one man, no mo but himselfe alone, hauing neither childe nor brother, yet is there no ende of his carefull trauayle, his eyes can not be satisfied with riches: [yet saith he not] for whom do I take such trauayle?
For whose pleasure do I thus consume away my life?
This is also a vayne and miserable thyng.
Therfore two are better then one, for they may well enioy the profite of their labour: For yf one of them fall, his companion helpeth him vp agayne.
But wo is him that is alone: for yf he fal, he hath not another to helpe him vp.
Agayne, when two sleepe together they are warme: but howe can a body be warme alone?
One may be ouercome, but two may make resistaunce: A three folde gable is not lightly broken.
A poore chylde beyng wise, is better then an olde kyng that doteth, and can not beware in tyme to come.
Some one commeth out of prison, and is made a kyng: and another which is borne in the kyngdome, commeth vnto pouertie.
And I perceaued that all men lyuyng vnder the sunne, go with the seconde childe that shall stande vp in the steade of the other.
As for the people that haue ben before him, and that come after him, they are innumerable, and they that come after him shall not reioyce in him: This is also a vayne thyng, and vexation of mynde.