And the Lorde sayde vnto Moyses: Yet wyl I brynge one plague more vpo Pharao, and vpon Egypt, and after that, he wyll let you go hence: when he shal let you go quite, he shall vtterly dryue you hence.
Speake thou therfore in the eares of the people, that euery man borowe of his neighbour, and euery woman of her neighbour, iewels of syluer, and iewels of golde.
And the Lorde shall geue the people fauour in the syght of the Egyptians: Moreouer, Moyses was a very great man in the lande of Egypt in the syght of Pharaos seruauntes, and in the syght of the people.
And Moyses sayde, Thus sayth the Lorde: At mydnyght, wyll I go out into the myddest of Egypt,
And all the first borne in all the land of Egypt shall dye, euen fro the first borne of Pharao that sytteth on his seate, vnto the first borne of the mayde seruaunt that is behynde the myll, and all the first gendred of the cattell.
And there shalbe a great crye throughout all the lande of Egypt, such as there was neuer none lyke, nor shalbe.
But amongst the chyldren of Israel shal not a dogge moue his tounge, from a man vnto a beast: that ye may knowe how that the Lord putteth a difference betweene the Egyptians and Israel.
And these thy seruauntes shal al come downe vnto me, and fall before me, and say: Get thee out, and all the people that are vnder thee, and then wyll I depart.
And he went out from Pharao with an angry countenaunce.
And the Lorde sayde vnto Moyses: Pharao shall not heare you, that my wonders may be multiplied in the land of Egypt.
And Moyses and Aaron dyd all these wonders before Pharao: And the Lord hardened Pharaos heart, so that he woulde not let the chyldren of Israel go out of his lande.