And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses and Aaron in the lande of Egypt, saying:
This moneth shalbe vnto you ye begynnyng of monethes, and the first moneth of the yere shall it be vnto you.
Speake ye vnto all the congregation of Israel, saying: In the tenth daye of this moneth, euery man take vnto hym a lambe according to ye house of the fathers, a lambe throughout euery house.
If the houshold be to litle for ye lambe, let hym take his neyghbour whiche is next vnto his house, accordyng to the number of the soules, euery one of you accordyng to his eatyng shal make your compt for a lambe.
And let the lambe of yours be without blemishe, a male of a yere olde [whiche] ye shal take out from among the sheepe, and from among the goates.
And ye shall kepe hym in vntyll the fourteenth day of the same moneth: and euery assemble of the congregation of Israel shall kyll hym about euen.
And they shall take of the blood and stryke it on the two [syde] postes, and on the vpper doore post, euen in the houses where they shall eate hym.
And they shall eate the fleshe the same nyght, rost with fire, and with vnleauened bread: and with sowre hearbes they shall eate it.
See that ye eate not therof rawe, nor sodden with water, but roste with fire: the head, feete, and purtenaunce therof.
And ye shall let nothyng of it remayne vnto the morning: That which remayneth of it vntyll the morowe, shall ye burne with fire.
Of this maner shall ye eate it: with your loynes girded, and your shooes on your feete, and your staffe in your hand, and ye shall eate it in haste: for it is the Lordes passouer.
For I wyll passe through the lande of Egypt this same nyght, and wyll smyte all the first borne of Egypt from man to beast, and vpon all the gods of Egypt I wyll execute iudgement: I [am] the Lorde.
And the blood shalbe vnto you a token in the houses wherin you are: and whe I see the blood, I wyll passe ouer you, and the plague shall not be vpon you to destroy you when I smyte the lande of Egypt.
And this day shalbe vnto you a remebraunce: and you shall kepe it an holy feast vnto the Lorde throughout your generations, ye shall kepe it holy for an ordinaunce for euer.
Seuen dayes shal ye eate vnleauened bread, so that euen the first day ye put away leauen out of your house: For who so euer eateth leauened bread from the first daye vntyll the seuenth daye, that soule shalbe rooted out of Israel.
The first day shalbe a holy conuocation, and the seuenth day shalbe an holy conuocation vnto you: there shalbe no maner of worke done in the, saue about that only which euery man must eate, that only may ye do.
And ye shal obserue the feast of vnleauened bread: for this same day haue I brought your armies out of the lande of Egypt, therefore ye shall obserue this day and all your chyldren after you, by an euerlastyng decree.
The first moneth, and the fourteenth daye of the moneth, at euen ye shall eate vnleauened bread, vnto the 21 day of the same moneth at euen againe.
Seuen dayes shal ther be no leauened bread founde in your houses: and whosoeuer eateth leauened bread, that soule shalbe rooted out from the congregatio of Israel, whether he be straunger or borne in the lande.
Ye shall eate nothyng leauened: but in all your habitations shall ye eate vnleauened bread.
Moyses called for the elders of Israel, and sayde vnto them: Choose out, and take you to euery housholde of you a lambe, and kyll the passouer.
And take a bunche of Isope and dip it in the blood that is in the bason, & strike the vpper post of the doore, and the two syde postes, with the blood that is in the bason: & none of you go out at the doore of his house vntyll the mornyng.
For the Lord wyll passe ouer to smyte the Egyptians: and when he seeth the blood vpon the vpper doore post and the two syde postes, he wyll passe ouer the doore, and wyll not suffer the destroyer to come into your house to plague you.
Therfore shall ye obserue this thyng for an ordinaunce to thee & thy sonnes for euer.
And when ye be come to the lande whiche the Lorde wyll geue you, accordyng as he hath promised, ye shall kepe this seruice.
And when your chyldren aske you, what maner of seruice is this ye do?
Ye shall saye, it is the sacrifice of the Lordes passouer, whiche passed ouer the houses of the chyldren of Israel in Egypt, and he smote the Egyptians, and saued our houses.
And the people bowed them selues, and worshipped.
And the chyldren of Israel went and dyd as the Lorde hadde commaunded Moyses and Aaron, euen so dyd they.
And at mydnyght the Lorde smote the first borne in the lande of Egypt, fro the first borne of Pharao that sate on his seate, vntyl the first borne of the captiue that was in prison, and all the firste gendred of cattell.
And Pharao rose in the nyght, he and his seruauntes, and all the Egyptians, and there was a great crye in Egypt: for there was not a house where there was not one dead.
And he called vnto Moyses and Aaro by nyght, saying: Ryse vp, and get you out from amongst my people, both you and also the chyldren of Israel: and go, and serue the Lorde as ye haue sayde.
And take your sheepe and your droues with you as ye haue sayde: and depart, and blesse me.
And the Egyptians were fierce vpon the people, that they myght sende them out of the lande in haste: for they sayde, we be all [but] dead men.
And the people toke there dowgh before it was sowred, whiche they had in store, being bounde in clothes vpon their shoulders.
And the chyldren of Israel dyd accordyng to the saying of Moyses: and they borowed of the Egyptians iewels of siluer, and iewels of golde, and rayment.
And the Lord gaue the people fauour in the syght of the Egyptians, so that they graunted such thynges as they required: And they robbed the Egyptians.
And the children of Israel toke their iourney from Rameses to Suchoth, sixe hundred thousand men of foote, besyde chyldren.
And a great multitude of sundry other nations wet also with them, and sheepe and oxen, and exceedyng much cattell.
And they baked vnleauened cakes of the dowgh whiche they brought out of Egypt, for it was not sowred: For they were thrust out of Egypt, and could not tary, nether had they prepared for them selues any prouision of meate.
The dwellyng of the chyldren of Israel which they dwelled in Egypt, was foure hundred and thirtie yeres.
And when the foure hundred & thirtie yeres were expired, euen the selfe same day departed al the hoastes of the Lord out of the lande of Egypt.
It is a nyght to be obserued vnto the Lorde, in the whiche he brought them out of the lande of Egypt: This is that nyght of the Lorde, whiche all the chyldren of Israel must kepe throughout their generations.
And the Lorde sayde vnto Moyses and Aaron, This is the lawe of passouer: there shall no straunger eate thereof.
But euery seruaunt that is bought for money, after that thou hast circumcised hym, shall eate therof.
A straunger & an hired seruaunt shall not eate therof.
In one house shall it be eaten, thou shalt carry none of the flesshe out of the house, neither shall ye breake a bone therof.
All the congregation of Israel shall obserue it.
If a straunger also dwell among you, and wyl holde passouer vnto the Lord, let him circumcise all that be males, and then let him come and obserue it, and he shalbe as one that is borne in the lande: for no vncircumcised person shall eate therof.
One maner of lawe shalbe vnto hym that is borne in the lande, and vnto the straunger that dwelleth among you.
And all the chyldren of Israel dyd as the Lorde commaunded Moyses and Aaron, euen so dyd they.
And the selfe same day, dyd the Lorde bryng the chyldren of Israel out of the lande of Egypt with their armies.