And they toke theyr iourney from Elim, & all the congregation of the chyldren of Israel came to the wildernes of Sin, whiche is betweene Elim & Sinai, the fyfteenth day of the seconde moneth after their departyng out of the lande of Egypt.
And the whole congregation of the chyldren of Israel murmured agaynst Moyses and Aaron in the wyldernesse.
And the chyldren of Israel sayde vnto them: Woulde to God we had dyed by the hande of the Lorde in the lande of Egypt, whe we sate by the fleshe pottes, and when we dyd eate bread our bellies full: for ye haue brought vs out into this wildernesse, to kyl this whole multitude with hunger.
Then sayde the Lorde vnto Moyses: Beholde, I wyll rayne bread from heauen to you, and the people shall go out & gather a certaine rate euery day, that I may proue them whether they wyll walke in my lawe, or no.
The sixt day they shall prepare for themselues that which they will bring in, and let it be twyse as muche as they gather in dayly.
And Moyses and Aaron sayde vnto the chyldren of Israel: At euen ye shall know that it is the Lord which brought you out of the lande of Egypt.
And in the morning ye shal see the glorye of the Lorde, because he hath heard your grudgynges agaynst the Lorde: And what are we, that ye haue murmured agaynst vs?
And Moyses sayde: At euen shall the Lord geue you fleshe to eate, and in the mornyng bread inough, for the Lorde hath heard your murmuringes which ye murmure agaynst him: for what are we?
Your murmurings are not against vs, but agaynst the Lorde.
And Moyses spake vnto Aaron: say vnto al the congregation of the children of Israel, come foorth before the Lord: for he hath hearde your grudgynges.
And as Aaron spake vnto the whole congregation of the chyldren of Israel, they looked towarde the wyldernesse, and beholde, the glory of the Lorde appeared in the cloude.
And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses, saying:
I haue hearde the murmuringes of the children of Israel, tell them therfore and say: at euen ye shall eate fleshe, and in the mornyng ye shalbe fylled with bread, and ye shall knowe that I am the Lorde your God.
And at euen the quailes came vp and couered the tentes, and in the mornyng the deawe lay rounde about them.
And when the deawe was gone, beholde, vpon the grounde in the wyldernesse there lay a small rounde thyng, as small as the hoare frost on the ground.
And when the children of Israel saw it, they said euery one to his neighbour, it is Manna: for they wist not what it was.
And Moyses said vnto the: This is the bread whiche the Lorde hath geuen you to eate.
This is the worde whiche the Lorde hath commaunded: gather of it euerye man for him selfe for to eate, a gomer full for euery man, according to the number of your soules, and take euery man for them whiche are in his tentes.
And the children of Israel did euen so, and gathered some more, some lesse.
And when they did meate it with a gomer, vnto him that gathered much, remayned nothyng ouer, and vnto hym that had gathered litle, was there no lacke: euery man gathered sufficient for his eatyng.
And Moyses sayde vnto them: see that no man let ought remayne to the mornyng.
Notwithstanding, they hearkened not vnto Moyses: but some of them left of it vntill the mornyng, and it waxed full of wormes, & corrupted: and Moyses was angry with them.
And they gathered all mornynges euery man as muche as sufficed for his eatyng: and assoone as the heate of the sunne came, it moult.
And the sixt day they gathered twise as muche bread, two gomers for one man: and all the rulers of the congregation came and tolde Moyses.
He sayd vnto them, This is that whiche the Lorde hath sayd: To morowe is the rest of the holy sabboth vnto the Lorde, bake that whiche you will bake to day, and sethe that ye will sethe, and that whiche remayneth, lay vp tyll the mornyng.
And they layed it vp till the morning as Moyses bad: and it did not corrupt, neyther bred there any worme therein.
And Moyses sayde: eate that to day, for it is the sabboth vnto the Lorde, to day ye shall not finde it in the fielde.
Sixe dayes ye shall gather it, and in the seuenth day whiche is the sabboth, in it there shalbe none.
Notwithstandyng, there went out some of the people in the seuenth day for to gather, and they founde none.
And the Lorde sayde vnto Moyses: Howe long refuse ye to kepe my commaundementes and my lawes?
See, the Lorde hath geuen you a sabboth, therfore he geueth you the sixt day bread for two dayes: byde therfore euerye man at home, and let no man go out of his place the seuenth day.
And the people rested the seuenth day.
And the house of Israel called the name therof Manna: and it was like coriander seede, but yet whyte, and the taste of it was lyke wafers made with honye.
And Moyses sayd: this is that which the Lorde commaundeth, fill a gomer of it, whiche may be kept for your chyldren after you, that they may see the bread wherwith I haue fed you in the wyldernesse when I brought you out of the lande of Egypt.
And Moyses spake vnto Aaron: Take a pot, and put a gomer full of Manna therein, and lay it vp before the Lorde, to be kept for your children after you.
As the Lorde commaunded Moyses, so Aaron layde it vp before the testimonie to be kept.
And the chyldren of Israel dyd eate Manna fourtie yeres, vntil thei came to a land inhabited, and so they did eate Manna, euen vntill they came vnto the borders of the lande of Chanaan.
A gomer, is the tenth part of an epha.