Thou shalt not haue to do with any false report, neither shalt thou put thine hand with the wicked, to be an vnrighteous witnesse.
Thou shalt not folow a multitude to do euill, neither shalt thou speake in a matter of iustice according to the greater number, for to peruert iudgement.
Neither shalt thou esteeme a poore man in his cause.
If thou meete thyne enemies oxe or asse goyng astray, thou shalt bryng them to him agayne.
If thou see the asse of him that hateth thee sincke vnder his burthen, thou shalt not passe by and let him alone, but shalt helpe hym to lyft hym vp agayne.
Thou shalt not hinder the right of thy poore in his suite.
Kepe thee farre from a false matter, and the innocent and righteous see thou slay not: for I wyll not iustifie the wicked.
Thou shalt take no gyftes: for gyftes blinde the seyng, and peruert the wordes of the righteous.
Thou shalt not oppresse a straunger: for ye know the heart of a straunger, seyng ye were straungers in the lande of Egypt.
Sixe yeres thou shalt sowe thy lande, and gather in the fruites therof.
And the seuenth yere thou shalt let it rest and lie styll, that the poore of thy people may eate: And what they leaue, the beastes of the fielde shall eate.
In lyke maner thou shalt deale with thy vineyarde and thyne oliue tree.
Sixe daies thou shalt do thy worke, and in the seuenth day thou shalt rest: that thyne oxe and thyne asse may rest, and the sonne of thy mayde and the straunger may be refreshed.
In all thinges that I haue saide vnto you, be circumspect: and make no rehearsall of the names of straunge gods, neither let it be hearde out of thy mouth.
Three feastes thou shalt holde vnto me in a yere.
Thou shalt kepe the feast of vnleauened bread: thou shalt eate vnleauened bread seuen daies long, as I commaunded thee, in the tyme appoynted of the moneth Abib: for in that moneth ye came out of Egypt, and see that no man appeare before me emptie.
And the feast of haruest when thou reapest the first fruites of thy laboures, whiche thou hast sowen in the fielde: And the feast of ingathering, [whiche is] in the end of the yere, when thou hast gathered in thy labours out of the field.
[These] three times in the yere, shall all thy men chyldren appeare before the Lorde God.
Thou shalt not offer the blood of my sacrifice vpon leauened bread, neither shall the fat of my feast remayne vntyll the mornyng.
The first of the first fruites of thy land, thou shalt bryng into the house of the Lorde thy God: thou shalt not seethe a kydde in his mothers mylke.
Behold I sende an angell before thee, to kepe thee in the way, and to bryng thee into the place whiche I haue prepared.
Beware of hym, and heare his voyce, and resist him not: for he wyll not spare your misdeedes, and my name is in him.
But and if thou shalt in deede hearken vnto his voyce, & do al that I speake, I wylbe an enemie vnto thyne enemies, & an aduersarie vnto thine aduersaries.
For myne angell shall go before thee, and bryng thee in vnto the Amorites, and Hethites, and Pharezites, & Chanaanites, Heuites, and Iebusites, and I shall destroy them.
Thou shalt not bowe downe to their gods, neither serue the, neither do after ye workes of them: but ouerthrowe the, and breake downe the images of them.
And ye shall serue the Lord your God, and he shall blesse thy bread and thy water: and I wyll take all sicknesses away from the middest of thee.
There shall no woman haue any vntymely byrth, nor be vnfruitefull in thy lande: the number of thy dayes I wyll fulfill.
I will sende my feare before thee, and wyll destroy all the people whyther thou shalt go: & I wyll make all thine enemies [turne] theyr backes vnto thee.
And I wyll sende hornettes before thee, which shall driue out the Heuites, the Chanaanites, and the Hethites, before thee.
Neuerthelesse, I wyll not cast them out before thee in one yere, lest the land growe to a wyldernesse, and the beast of the fielde multiplie agaynst thee.
By litle and litle I wyll dryue them out before thee, vntyl thou be increased, and inherite the lande.
And I wyll make thy coastes from the red sea, vnto the sea of the Philistines, and from the desert vnto the riuer: For I wyll deliuer the inhabitours of the lande into thyne hand, and thou shalt driue them out before thee.
Thou shalt make no couenaunt with them, nor with theyr gods.
Neither let them dwell in thy lande, lest they make thee sinne against me: for if thou serue their gods, it wyll surely be thy decay.