And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses, saying:
Speake vnto the childre of Israel, that thei bring me an offering: ye shall take it of euery man that geueth it willingly with his heart.
This is the offering whiche ye shall take of them, golde, and siluer, & brasse,
And blewe silke, and purple, and scarlet, and white silke, and goates [heere.]
And Rammes skynnes that are red, & the skynnes of Tarus, & Sittim wood.
Oyle for lyght, spyces for annoyntyng oyle and for sweete sence:
Onix stones, and stones to be set in the Ephod, and in the brest plate.
And let them make me a sanctuarie, that I may dwell amongst them.
And accordyng to all that I shewe thee, both after the fashion of the tabernacle, and after the fashion of the ornamentes therof, euen so shall ye make it.
And they shall make an arke of Sittim wood, two cubites and a halfe long, a cubite and a halfe brode, and a cubite and a halfe high.
And thou shalt ouerlay it with pure golde, within and without shalt thou ouerlay it, and shalt make an hye vpon it a crowne of golde rounde about.
And thou shalt caste foure ringes of golde for it, and put them in the foure corners therof: two ringes shalbe in the one corner, and two in the other.
And thou shalt make barres of Sittim wood, and couer them with golde,
And put the barres in the ringes along by the sydes of the arke, that the arke may be borne with them.
And the barres shalbe in the ringes of the arke, and shall not be taken from it.
And thou shalt put in the arke, the testimonie whiche I shall geue thee.
And thou shalt make a mercy seate of pure golde: two cubites and a halfe long, and a cubite and a halfe brode.
And thou shalt make two Cherubims of golde: euen of a whole worke shalt thou make them, in the two endes of the mercy seate.
And the one Cherubim shalt thou make on the one ende, and the other on the other ende: euen of the same mercy seate shall ye make Cherubims in the two endes thereof.
And the Cherubins shal stretch foorth theyr winges abrode ouer an hye, couering the mercy seate with their winges, and their faces shall loke one to another: euen to the mercy seateward shall the faces of the Cherubins be.
And thou shalt put the mercy seate aboue vpon the arke, and in the arke thou shalt put the witnesse that I shall geue thee.
And from thence I wyll testifie vnto thee, and I wyll common with thee from vpon the mercy seate, from betweene the two Cherubins whiche are vpon the arke of witnesse, of all thinges whiche I wyll geue thee in commaundement vnto the chyldren of Israel.
Thou shalt also make a table of Sittim wood, of two cubites long, and one cubite brode, and a cubite & an halfe hye.
And thou shalt couer it with pure golde, and make thereto a crowne of golde rounde about.
And make vnto that an hoope of foure fingers brode rounde about, and make a golden crowne also to the hoope rounde about.
And make for it foure ringes of golde, and put the rynges in the corners that are on the foure feete thereof.
Euen ouer against the hoope shall the ringes be, to put in barres to beare the table withall.
And thou shalt make ye barres of Sittim wood, & ouerlay them with golde, that the table may be borne with them.
And thou shalt make his dishes, and spones, coueringes, & bowles to powre out with all: euen of fine golde shalt thou make them.
And thou shalt set vpon the table shewe bread before me alway.
And thou shalt make a candelsticke of pure golde, euen of a whole worke shall the candelsticke be made, with his shaft, his braunches, his bolles, his knoppes, and his flowres proceeding therout.
Sixe braunches also shall proceede out of the sides of it: three braunches of the candelsticke out of the one side, and three out of the other.
Three bolles like vnto almondes, with a knop and a flowre in one braunche: And three bolles like almondes in the other braunche, with a knop & a flowre, according to the sixe braunches that proceede out of the candelsticke.
And in the candelsticke it selfe [there shalbe] foure bolles like vnto almondes, with their knoppes and flowres.
And there shalbe a knop vnder two braunches of the same in three places, according to the sixe braunches that proceede out of the candelsticke.
Their knoppes and their braunches shalbe of it: and it shalbe one whole worke, euen of pure golde.
And thou shalt make the seuen lampes of it, and the seuen lampes therof shalt thou put on hye theron, to geue light vnto the other syde that is ouer agaynst it.
The snuffers and the vessels of the snuffe, shalbe of pure golde.
Of a talent of fine gold shall he make it, with all these vessels.
Loke therefore that thou make them after the fashion that was shewed thee in the mount.