And the Lord saide vnto Moyses: hewe thee two tables of stone like vnto the first, and I wyll wryte vpon these tables, ye wordes that were in the first tables whiche thou brakest.
And be redy in the morning, and come vp early vnto the mount of Sinai, and thou shalt stande there for me in the top of the mount.
There shall no man come vp with thee, neither let any man be seene thorowout al the mount, neither let sheepe nor oxen feede before the hyll.
And Moyses hewed two tables of stone like vnto the first, and rose vp earlye in the mornyng, and went vp vnto the mount Sinai as the Lorde had commaunded hym, & toke in his hande the two tables of stone.
And the Lord descended in the cloude, and stode with him there: and he called vpon the name of the Lorde.
And the Lorde passed by before hym, and cryed, Lorde, Lorde, God, strong, mercyfull and gracious, long suffering, and aboundaunt in goodnes & trueth,
And kepyng mercy in store for thousandes, forgeuing wickednes, vngodlynes and sinne, and not leauing one innocent, visiting the wickednes of the fathers vpon the chyldren, and vpon the chyldrens chyldren, [euen] vnto the third and fourth generation.
And Moyses made haste, and bowed hym selfe to the earth, and worshipped,
And sayd: If I haue founde grace in thy sight, O Lorde, then let my Lorde I pray thee go in the middest of vs, for it is a styfnecked people: and thou shalt haue mercy vpon our wickednes and our sinne, and shalt take vs for thine inheritaunce.
And he said: Beholde, I make a couenaunt before all thy people, & I will do meruayles, such as haue not ben done in all the worlde, neither in all nations: & all the people amongest whiche thou art, shall see the worke of the Lorde: for it is a terrible thyng that I wyll do with thee.
Kepe diligently those thinges that I commaunde thee this day: Beholde, I cast out before thee, the Amorites, Chanaanites, Hethites, Pherezites, Heuites and Iebusites.
Take heede to thy self, lest thou make any compact with the inhabitours of the lande whyther thou goest, lest they be cause of ruine amongest you:
But ouerthrowe their aulters, and breake their images, and cut downe their groues.
Thou shalt worship no straunge God: for the Lorde is called ielous, because he is a ielous God.
Lest if thou make any agreement with the inhabitours of the lande, and they go a whoring after their gods, and do sacrifice vnto their gods: they call thee, and thou eate of theyr sacrifice.
And thou take of their daughters vnto thy sonnes, and their daughters go a whoryng after their gods, and make thy sonnes go a whoryng after their gods also.
Thou shalt make thee no gods of mettall.
The feast of vnleauened bread shalt thou kepe: Seuen daies thou shalt eate vnleauened bread, as I commaunded thee in the tyme of the moneth Abib: for in the moneth Abib thou camest out of Egypt.
All that openeth the matrice is myne, and al that breaketh the matrice amongest thy cattell if it be male, whether it be oxe or sheepe.
But the firstling of the asse thou shalt bye out with a lambe: and if thou redeeme hym not, thou shalt breake his necke.
All the first borne of thy sonnes thou shalt redeeme: & see that no man appeare before me emptie.
Sixe dayes thou shalt worke, and in the seuenth day thou shalt rest, both from earyng and reapyng.
Thou shalt obserue the feast of weekes with thy first fruites of wheate haruest: and the feast of ingatheryng at the yeres ende.
Thryse in a yere shall all your men chyldren appeare before the Lorde Iehouah God of Israel.
For I wyll cast out the nations before thee, and enlarge thy coastes: neyther shall any man desyre thy lande, when thou shalt go vp to appeare before the Lorde thy God thryse in a yere.
Thou shalt not offer the blood of my sacrifice vpon leauen, neither shal ought of the sacrifice of the feast of Passouer be left vnto the mornyng.
The first rype fruites of thy lande, thou shalt bryng vnto the house of the Lorde thy God.
Thou shalt not seethe a kyd in his mothers mylke.
And the Lorde sayde vnto Moyses: Write these wordes, for after the tenour of these wordes, I haue made a couenaunt with thee and with Israel.
And he was there with the Lorde fourtie dayes and fourtie nyghtes, and dyd neither eate bread, nor drinke water: and he wrote vpon the tables the wordes of the couenaunt, [euen] ten commaundementes.
And when Moyses came downe from mount Sinai, the two tables of testimonie were in Moyses hande: when he came downe from the mount, Moyses wyste not that the skynne of his face shone, whyle he talked with hym.
And Aaron and all the chyldren of Israel looked vpon Moyses: and beholde, the skynne of his face shone, and they were afrayde to come nye hym.
And when Moyses had called them, Aaron and all the chiefe of the congregation came vnto him: and Moyses talked with them.
And afterwarde all the chyldren of Israel came nye: and he commaunded them all that the Lorde had sayde vnto hym in mount Sinai.
And when Moyses had made an ende of communyng with them, he put a coueryng vpon his face.
And agayne when Moyses went in before the Lorde to speake with hym, he toke the coueryng of, vntyll he came out: And he came out and spake vnto the chyldren of Israel, that whiche he was commaunded.
And the chyldren of Israel sawe the face of Moyses: that the skynne of Moyses face shone, and Moyses put the coueryng vpon his face agayne, vntyll he went in to commune with hym.