The worde of the Lord came vnto me, saying:
Thou sonne of man, what commeth of the vine tree, more then of euery other tree, & of the wylde vine stocke among other trees of the forest?
Do men take wood of it to make any worke withall?
or wyll men take a pin of it to hang any vessell theron?
Behold, it is cast in the fire to be brent, the fire consumeth both the endes of it, the middes of it is brent: is it meete then for any worke?
Seeing then that it was meete for no worke beyng whole, muche lesse may there any thing be made of it when the fire hath consumed and brent it.
And therefore thus saith the Lorde god, As the vine tree [that is] among the trees of the forest, which I haue geuen to the fire to be consumed: so wyll I geue the inhabitauntes of Hierusalem.
And I wyll set my face against them, they shall go out from the fire, and yet the fire shall consume them: then shall ye knowe that I am the Lorde, when I set my face against them,
And when I make the lande waste, because they haue so sore offended, saith the Lorde God.