The worde of the Lord came vnto me, saying:
Thou sonne of man, tel the prince of Tyre, thus sayth the Lorde God: Because thou hast a proude heart, and hast said, I am a God, I sit in the seate of God, in the mids of the sea: wher as thou art but a man, and not God, though thou set thyne heart as the heart of God.
Beholde, thou thinkest thy selfe wyser then Daniel, that there is no secretes hyd from thee.
With thy wisdome and thine vnderstanding thou hast gotten thee great welthines, & gathered treasure of siluer & gold.
With thy great wysedome and occupying hast thou encreased thy power, and because of thy great riches thy heart is proude.
Therfore thus sayth the Lorde God, Forsomuch as thou hast set thyne heart as the heart of God:
Behold, I will bring straungers vpon thee, euen the terrible nations, these shal drawe out their swordes vpon the beautie of thy wysdome, and shall defile thy glorie.
They shall cast thee downe to the pit, so that thou shalt dye the death of them that be slayne in the mids of the sea.
Wilt thou say then before them that slay thee, I am a God?
where as thou art but a man, and not God, in the handes of them that slay thee.
Die shalt thou the death of the vncircumcized in the handes of the straungers: for I haue spoken it, sayth the Lorde God.
Moreouer, the worde of the Lord came vnto me, saying:
Thou sonne of man, take vp a lamentation vpon the king of Tyre, & tel him, thus sayth the Lord God: Thou sealest vp the summe, full of wysdome, & perfite beautie.
Thou hast ben in the pleasaunt garden of God, thou art deckt with all maner of precious stones, with ruby, topas, diamond, thurkis, onyx, iasper, saphir, emeralde, carbuncle, and golde: the workemanship of thy timbrels and of thy pipes [that be] in thee, was prepared in the day that thou wast created.
Thou art an annoynted Cherub, that couereth, and I haue set thee [in this dignitie,] thou wast vpon the holy mount of God, thou hast walked in the mids of the stones of fire.
From the time of thy creation thou haste ben perfite in the wayes, till wickednesse was founde in thee.
By the multitude of thy marchaundise they haue filled the mids of thee with crueltie, & thou haste sinned: I will cast thee as prophane out of the mount of God, & I will destroy thee O couering Cherub, from the mids of the stones of fire.
Thy heart was proude in thy beautie, and thorowe thy brightnesse thou hast destroyed thy wisdome: I will cast thee downe to the grounde, I will lay thee before kinges, that they may beholde thee.
Thou hast defiled thy sanctification with the great wickednesse of thyne vnrighteous occupying: I will bring a fire from the middest of thee to consume thee, and will make thee to asshes vpon the earth, in the sight of all them that loke vpon thee.
Al they that haue ben acquainted with thee among the heathen shalbe abashed at thee: thou hast ben a terrour, and neuer shalt thou be any more.
And the word of the Lorde came vnto me, saying:
Thou sonne of man, set thy face against Sidon, and prophecie vpon it,
And speake, thus sayth the Lord God: Beholde O Sidon, I will vpon thee, aud I wilbe glorified in thee: that it may be knowen howe that I am the Lord when I shal haue executed iudgementes in her, & shalbe sanctified in her.
For I will sende pestilence and bloodsheding into her streetes, and the slayne shall fall in the mids of her, by the sword [comming] vpon her on euery side: & they shall knowe that I am the Lorde.
They shalbe no more a pricking thorne vnto the house of Israel, nor a greeuous thorne of al that are round about them and despised them: and they shal knowe that I am the Lorde God.
Thus sayth the Lorde God: When I gather the houshold of Israel together againe from the nations among whom they be scattered, then shall I be sanctified in them in the sight of the gentiles, and they shall dwell in the lande that I gaue to my seruaunt Iacob.
They shal dwell with confidence therin, buyld houses and plant vineyardes: yea with confidence shall they dwell therin, when I haue executed iudgementes vpon all those that despise them rounde about: and then shal they know that I am the Lorde their God.