In the twelfth yere, the first day of ye twelfth moneth, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, saying:
Thou sonne of man, take vp a lamentation vpon Pharao the king of Egypt, and say vnto him, thou art lyke a lion of the heathen, and as a whale fishe in the sea: thou drawest out thy riuers, thou troublest the waters with thy feete, and stampest in their riuers.
Thus saith the Lorde God, I wyll spreade my nette ouer thee with a great multitude of people, these shal make thee come vp into my net.
For I wyll leaue thee vpon the lande, and cast thee vpon the open fielde, and I wyll cause all the foules of the ayre to remaine vpon thee, & fill all the beastes of the fielde with thee.
Thy flesh wyll I lay vpon the hils, and fill the valleyes with thy highnesse.
I wyll water thyne ouerflowing lande with thy blood euen to the mountaynes, and the riuers shalbe ful of thee.
When thou art put out, I wyll couer the heauen, and make his starres dim: I wyll spreade a cloude ouer the sunne, and the moone shall not geue her light.
All the lightes of heauen wyll I make darke for thee: and bring darkenesse vpon thy lande, saith the Lorde God.
I wyll stirre vp to anger the heartes of many people, when I bring thy destruction among the heathen, and vpon the countries which thou knowest not.
Yea, I wyll make many people amased at thee, and their kinges shalbe astonished with feare for thee, when I shall make my sworde to glitter against their faces: and they shalbe afraide at euery moment euery man for his owne lyfe, in the day of thy fall.
For thus saith the Lorde God, The king of Babylons sworde shal come vpon thee:
With the swordes of the mightie wyll I smyte downe thy multitude: they all shalbe terrible nations, & they shal destroy the pompe of Egypt, and all the multitude thereof shalbe consumed.
I wyll destroy also al the beastes therof from the great waters sides, neither shall the foote of man trouble them any more, nor the hooues of beastes trouble them.
Then wyll I make their waters deepe, and cause their riuers to runne lyke oyle, saith the Lorde God,
When I make the lande of Egypt desolate, and when the countrey with all that is therein shalbe layde waste, and when I smyte all them which dwell in it, then shall they knowe that I am the Lorde.
This is the mourning when they shal lament her, the daughters of the nations shall lament her, they shall make the lamentation ouer Egypt, and ouer all the people thereof, saith the Lorde God.
In the twelfth yere, the fifteenth day of the moneth, came the worde of the Lorde vnto me, saying:
Thou sonne of man, lament for the multitude of Egypt, and cast them downe, euen them and the daughters of the famous nations vnto the neather partes of the earth, with them that go downe into the pit.
Whom doest thou passe in beautie?
go downe and sleepe with the vncircumcized.
Among those that be slaine with the sworde shall they lye: to the sworde is she alredie delyuered, drawe her downe and all her multitude.
The mightie worthies shall speake to her out of the hell, and to her helpers: they are gone downe and lye vncircumcized with them that be slaine with the sworde:
Assur is there also with all his company, and their graues rounde about him, which were slaine and fell all with the sworde.
Whose graues are made in the side of the pit, and his multitude are rounde about his graue, [to wit] all the slaine and fallen by the sworde, which cause a feare [to be] in the lande of the liuing.
There is Elam also, with all his people rounde about his graue: which all being slaine & fallen with the sworde, are gone downe vncircumcized vnder the earth, which neuerthelesse sometime brought feare into the lande of the lyuing: they beare their owne shame, with the other that be gone downe to the graue.
They haue made his bed in the midst of the slaine, with al his multitude, their graues are rounde about him: all these vncircumcized, slaine by the sworde, although they caused their feare in the lande of the lyuing, yet haue they borne their shame with them that go downe to the pit, they are layde in the midst of them that are slaine.
There is Mesech also and Tubal, and their people, & their graues rounde about him: these al vncircumcized were slaine with the sworde, because aforetime they made the lande of the lyuing afraide.
They shall not lye with the valiaunt [which are] fallen of the vncircumcized, which are gone downe to the graue with their weapons of warre, and haue layde their swordes vnder their heades: but their iniquitie shalbe vpon their bones, because the terrour of their mightie [was] in the lande of the lyuing.
Yea, among the vncircumcized shalt thou be destroyed, and sleepe with them that perished through the sworde.
There is Edom with her kinges and princes also, which with their strength are layde by them that were slaine with the sworde: yea among the vncircumcized shal they sleepe, & with them which are gone downe into the pit.
Moreouer, there be al the princes of the north with al the Sidonians, which are gone downe with the slaine: with their feare and strength they are come to confusion, and lye there vncircumcized among those that be slaine with the sworde, and beare their owne shame with them that be gone downe to the pit.
Pharao shall see them, and be comforted ouer all his multitude: Pharao and al his armie [shalbe] slaine with the sworde, saith the Lorde God.
For I haue geuen my feare in the lande of the lyuing: but Pharao and al his people shalbe layde among the vncircumcized, and among them that be slaine with the sworde, saith the Lorde God.