Therfore O thou sonne of man, prophecie against Gog, & speake, thus sayth the Lorde God: Behold O Gog, thou chiefe prince at Mesech and Tubal, I will vpon thee.
And I wil turne thee about, and I wil prouoke thee forward, and cause thee to come vp from the north partes, and bring thee vp to the mountaynes of Israel.
As for thy bow, I wil smite it out of thy left hande, and cause thyne arrowes to fall out of thy right hande.
Thou with all thyne hoast, and all the people that is with thee, shall fall vpon the mountaynes of Israel: then will I geue thee vnto the flockes of birdes [euen] to all fethered foules and beastes of the fielde, to be deuoured.
Thou shalt fal vpon the open fielde: for I haue spoken it, sayth the Lorde God.
Into Magog, and among those that sit so carelesse in the Iles will I sende a fire, and they shall know that I am the Lorde.
I will make also the name of my holinesse to be knowen among my people of Israel, and I will not let them pollute my holy name any more: but the very heathen also shall knowe that I am the Lord, the holy one of Israel.
Behold it is come, and it is done, sayth the Lorde God: this is the day wherof I haue spoken.
They that dwell in the cities of Israel, shall go foorth and set fire vpon the weapons, and burne them, shieldes and speares, bowes & arowes, hand staues and swordes, and they shal burne them with fire seuen yeres.
So that they shall els bring no wood from the fielde, neither hew downe any out of the wood: for with weapons shal they make their fire, they shall rob those that robbed them, and spoyle those that spoyled them, sayth the Lorde God.
At the same time wil I geue vnto Gog a place to be buried in Israel, euen the valley wherethrough men go towarde the east sea: those that trauayle thereby, shall stop their noses, there shall Gog and all his multitute be buried, & it shalbe called the valley of the multitude of Gog.
Seuen monethes long shall the house of Israel be burying of them, that they may cleanse the lande.
Yea all the people of the land shal burie them, and they shall haue a name when I shalbe glorified, sayth the Lord God.
They shall chose out men to go continually thorowe the lande, to burie as they passe through those that remayne vpon the ground, to cleanse it: after the end of seuen monethes, shall they make their searche.
And the trauaylers that passe thorowe the land, where they see a mans bone, they shal set vp a token by it, til the dead buriers haue buried it also in the valley of the multitude of Gog.
And the name of the citie shalbe called Hamonah: thus shall they make the lande cleane.
And thou sonne of man, thus sayth the Lord God: Speake vnto the birdes and all fethered foules, yea and to all the beastes of the fielde, Assemble you together, and come, gather you round about to my sacrifice that I sacrifice for you, [euen] a great sacrifice vpon the mountaynes of Israel, that ye may eate fleshe, and drinke blood.
Ye shall eate the fleshe of the valiaunt, and drinke the blood of the princes of the land, of the rammes, of the weathers, of the goates, and of the bullockes, that be all fed at Basan.
Ye shall eate the fat your belly full, and drinke blood till ye be drunken of my sacrifice, which I haue sacrificed for you.
Ye shall fil you at my table with horses & horsemen, with the valiaunt and men of warre, sayth the Lorde God.
I wil set my glorie also among the gentiles, that all the heathen may see my iudgement that I haue executed, & my hand whiche I haue layde vpon them.
And the house of Israel shall knowe that I am the Lorde their God, from that day, and so forwarde.
And the heathen shal know, that wheras the house of Israel was led into captiuitie, it was for their wickednesse sake, because they offended me: for the which cause I hyd my face from them, & deliuered them into the handes of their enemies, that they might all be slayne with the sworde.
According to their vncleanesse, & according to their transgressions haue I done vnto them, & hid my face fro them.
Therefore thus sayth the Lorde God: Nowe will I bring againe the captiues of Iacob, and haue mercie vpon the whole house of Israel, and be ielous for my holy names sake,
After that they haue borne their shame, and all their transgression, wherby they haue transgressed against me when they dwelt safely in their lande, and no man to feare them:
And when I haue brought them againe from among the people, when I haue gathered them together out of their enemies landes, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations:
Then shall they knowe that I am the Lorde their God, which caused them to be led into captiuitie among the heathen, but haue gathered them againe into their owne land, and not left one of them any more there.
After that wil I hyde my face no more from them, but will powre out my spirite vpon the house of Israel, sayth the Lorde God.