After this he brought me to the temple, and measured the frontes sixe cubites broade on the one side, and sixe cubites broade on the other side, [which was] the breadth of the tabernacle.
The breadth of the doore was ten cubites, and the sides of the doore [were] fiue cubites on the one side and fiue cubites on the other syde, and he measured the length therof fourtie cubites, and the breadth twentie cubites.
Then went he in & measured the front of the doore two cubites: but the doore it selfe was sixe cubites, and the breadth on the other side of the doore was seuen cubites.
He measured the length therof twentie cubites, and the breadth twentie cubites before the temple.
And he said vnto me, This is the most holy [place.]
He measured also the wall of the house sixe cubites, and the breadth of a chamber foure cubites round about the house on euery side.
And the chambers were chamber vpon chamber, three and thirtie in order: and they entred the wall whiche was of the house for the chambers rounde about, that they might be fastened, and not be fastened in the wall of the house.
Ther was an enlarging, and a winding about, mounting still vpwarde to the chabers: for the staire of the house was mounting still vpward round about the house, therfore the house was larger vpwarde: so they went vp from the lowest [chamber] to the highest by the midst.
And I saw the house hye round about: the foundatios of the chambers [were] a ful cane of sixe cubites vp to the armeholes.
The thickenesse of the wall which was for the chamber without [was] fiue cubites, and that whiche remayned was the place of the chambers that were within.
And betweene the chambers was the wydenesse of twentie cubites rounde about the house on euery side.
And the doores of the chambers were toward the place that remayned, one doore toward the north, and another toward the south: & the breadth of the place that remayned was fiue cubites rounde about.
Now the buylding that was before the separate place at the end towarde the west [was] seuentie cubites broade: and the wall of the buylding was fyue cubites thicke round about, and the length ninetie cubites.
So he measured the house, which was a hundred cubites long, and the separate place and the buylding with the walles were a hundred cubites long also.
The breadth also of the forefront of the house and of the separate place towarde the east, was a hundred cubites.
And he measured the length of the buylding ouer against the separate place which was behynde it, and the chambers on the one side & on the other side a hundreth cubites, with the temple within, and the porches of the court.
The doore postes, and the narow windowes, & the chambers round about, on three sides ouer against the doore, seeled with wood round about, and from the ground vp to the windowes: and the windowes themselues were seeled.
And from aboue the doore vnto the house within and without, and vpon euery wall rounde about within and without, [toke he] measure.
And it was made with Cherubims and paulme trees, so that a paulme tree was betweene a Cherub and a Cherub, and euery Cherub had two faces.
So that the face of a man was toward the paulme tree on the one side, and the face of a lion towarde the paulme tree on the other side: [thus] was it made through all the house rounde about.
From the ground vnto aboue the doore were Cherubims & paulme trees made: and [thus was] the wall of the temple.
The postes of the temple were foure squared, and the fashion of the sanctuarie was appearaunce lyke appearaunce.
The aulter of wood was three cubites hye, and two cubites long: the corners, the length, and the walles thereof were of wood.
And he sayd vnto me, This is the table that shalbe before the Lorde.
The temple and the holiest of all had either of them two doores.
And the doores had two doores [a peece, euen] two folding doores, two for the one doore, and two doores for the other.
And vpon the doores of the temple, there were made Cherubims & paulme trees, lyke as was made vpon the walles: & thicke beames vpon the forefront of the porche without.
And [there were] narow windowes and paulme trees on the one side and on the other side, by the sides of the porche and vpon the sides of the house, and thicke beames.