Then led he me into the vtter court by the way toward the north, and he brought me into the chamber that [was] ouer against the separate place, whiche [was] before the buylding towarde the north.
Before the length of a hundred cubites [was] the north doore: and the breadth [was] fiftie cubites.
Ouer against the twentie cubites, which were for the inner court, and ouer against the pauement, which was for the vtter court, [was] chamber against chamber, three [orders.]
And before the chambers, ther was a walking place of ten cubites wyde inwarde, the way of one cubite: and their doores towarde the north.
Thus the vpper chambers were alway narower: for those chambers [seemed] to eate vp these, [to wit] the lower and the middlemer of the buylding.
For they were in three orders, but had no pillers as the pillers of the courtes: therfore were they smaller then the nethermost and the middlemost [to recken] from the grounde.
And the wall that was without ouer against the chambers, towarde the vtter court on the forefront of the chambers, the length therof was fiftie cubits.
For the length of the chambers that were in the vtter court was fyftie cubites: and lo, before the temple was a hundred cubites.
And vnder these chambers [was] the entrie from the east, as one goeth vnto them from the vtter court.
In the thicknesse of the wall of the court towarde the east before the separate place, and before the building of the chambers.
And the way before them after the appearaunce of the chambers which were toward the north, as their length, so was their breadth: and all their entries [were] according to their fashion, and according to their doores.
And according to the doores of the chambers that were toward the south, [was] a doore in the head of the way, [euen] the way directly before the wall towarde the east, as one entreth.
Then sayd he vnto me: The chambers toward the north, and the chambers towarde the south, whiche are before the separate place, those be holy chambers, wherin the priestes that approche vnto the Lorde must eate the most holy thinges, & there must they lay the most holy thinges, and the meate offring, and sinne offering, and trespasse offering: for it is a holy place.
When the priestes come therein, they shall not go out of the holy place into the vtter court, but there they shall lay vp their garmentes wherin they minister, for they are holy: & shall put on other garmentes, and so shall approche to those which are for the people.
Now when he had finished the measuring of the house within, he led me foorth toward the gate whose prospect is towarde the east, and he measured it rounde about.
He measured the east side with the measuring cane fiue hundred canes, [euen] with the measuring cane round about.
And he measured the north side fyue hundred canes, [euen] with the measuring cane round about.
The south side also measured he fiue hundred canes, by the measuring cane.
He turned about [also] to the west side, and measured fiue hundred canes, by the measuring cane.
So he measured it by the foure sides: it had a wall round about fyue hundred canes long, and fiue hundred broade, to make a separation betweene the sanctuarie, and the prophane place.