So he brought me to the gate [euen] the gate that turneth towarde the east:
And beholde, then came the glorie of the God of Israel from out of the east, whose voyce was lyke a great noyse of waters, and the earth was lightened with his glorie.
And according to the appearaunce of the vision which I saw, [euen] according to the vision which I sawe when I came to destroy the citie: and the visions were like the visions whiche I sawe by the riuer Chebar, & I fell vpon my face.
And the glorie of the Lorde came into the house by the way of the gate whose prospect is towarde the east.
So a winde toke me vp, and brought me into the innermer court: and behold, the house was full of the glorie of the Lorde.
And I heard one speaking vnto me out of the house, & there stoode a man by me,
And he sayd vnto me: O thou sonne of man, this roome is my seate, & the place of my foote steppes, wheras I wil dwel among the children of Israel for euermore: so that the house of Israel shal no more defile my holy name, neither they nor their kinges thorowe their whordome, and thorowe the dead bodies of their kinges [in] their hye places.
Albeit they haue set their thresholdes by my thresholdes, and their postes by my postes, and a wal betwixt me and them, yet haue they defiled my holy name with their abominations that they haue committed: wherfore I haue consumed them in my wrath.
But nowe let them put away their whordome, and the dead bodies of their kinges out of my sight, and I will dwel among them for euermore.
Therfore O thou sonne of man, shewe thou the house of Israel this house, that they may be ashamed of their wickednesse, & measure them selues an example therat.
And if they be ashamed of all their workes, then shew them the fourme of the house and patterne thereof, the going out, the comming in, all the maner therof, yea all the ordinaunces thereof, the figures, and all the lawes thereof, and write it in their sight, that they may kepe the whole fashion thereof, and all the ordinaunces thereof, and do them.
This is the lawe of the house: Upon the top of the mount, shall all the limits thereof be, rounde about the most holy place: lo, this is the lawe of the house.
And these are the measures of the aulter in cubites: the cubite is a cubite and a hande breadth, the botome [shalbe] a cubite, and the breadth a cubite, & the border therof by the edge thereof rounde about was one span, and this [shalbe] the height of the aulter.
And from the bottome vpon the groud vnto the lower peece [shalbe] two cubites, and the breadth one cubite: and from the litle peece to the great peece [shalbe] foure cubites, & the breadth one cubite.
The aulter was foure cubites hie, and from the aulter vpwarde stoode foure hornes.
And the aulter was twelue cubites long, and twelue cubites broade, square in the foure corners thereof.
The frame of the aulter [shalbe] fourteene cubites long, and fourteene broade in the foure square corners thereof, and the border about it shalbe halfe a cubite, and the bottome thereof [shalbe] a cubite about, and the steps thereof [shalbe] turned toward the east.
And he saide vnto me, Thou sonne of man, thus saith the Lorde God: These are the ordinaunces of the aulter, in the day when it is made, to offer burnt offeringes thereupon, & to sprinckle blood thereupon.
And thou shalt geue to the priestes, to the Leuites that be of the seede of Sadoc, and approche vnto me saith the Lord God to minister vnto me, a young bullocke for a sinne offering.
And thou shalt take of the blood therof, & put it on the foure hornes of it, and on the foure corners of the frame, and vpon the border rounde about: thus shalt thou cleanse it, and purge it.
Thou shalt take the bullocke also of the sinne offering, and burne him in the appoynted place without the sanctuary.
The seconde day, take a goate bucke without blemishe for a sinne offering, to cleanse the aulter withal, like as it was cleansed with the bullocke.
Now when thou hast made an ende of cleansing it, then offer a young bullocke without blemishe, and a ramme out of the flocke without blemishe also.
Offer them before the Lorde, and let the priestes cast salt therupon, and geue them so vnto the Lorde for a burnt offering.
Seuen dayes shalt thou prepare euery day a goate bucke for sinne, a young bullocke and a ramme of the flocke, both without blemishe shall they prepare.
Seuen dayes shall they reconcile and cleanse the aulter, and fill the place thereof.
When these dayes are expired, then vpon the eight day & so foorth, the priestes shall make your burnt offringes, and peace offringes vpon the aulter: so I wyll accept you, saith the Lorde God.