Thus saith the Lorde God: The gate of the inner court towarde the east shalbe shut the sixe working dayes: but in the Sabbath & in the day of the new moone it shalbe opened.
And the prince shall enter by the way of the porche of the gate without, and shall stande by the poste of the gate: and the priestes shal make his burnt offring, and his peace offringes, and he shall worship at the thresholde of the gate, & go foorth: and the gate shall not be shut till the euening.
On the same maner shall the people of the lande also do their worship before the Lorde, at the doore of this gate vpon the Sabbathes, and new moones.
The burnt offring that the prince shal bring vnto the lorde vpon the Sabbath, shalbe sixe lambes without blemish, and a ramme without blemishe.
And the meate offring shalbe an Ephah for a ramme, and the meate offring for the lambes a gift of his hande, and a Hin of oyle to an Ephah.
In the day of the new moneth, [it shalbe] a young bullocke without blemishe, and sixelambes, and a ramme also without blemishe.
With the bullocke he shall geue an Ephah, & with the ramme an Ephah also for a meate offring: but to the lambes according as his hande shal take, and a Hin of oyle to an Ephah.
And when the prince shall enter, he shal go in by the way of the porche of that gate: he shall go foorth by the way thereof.
But when the people of the lande come before the Lorde in the hie solempne feast, as many as come in by the north gate to do worship, shal go out againe at the south gate: and they that come in at the south gate, shall go foorth againe at the north gate: there shall none returne by the gate where he came in, but shall go right foorth ouer on the other side.
And the prince he shall go in the midst of them when they go in, and so come foorth when they come foorth.
Upon the solempne & hie feast dayes this shalbe the meate offring: an Ephah to a bullocke, & an Ephah to a ramme, and to the lambes the gift of his hande, and a Hin of oyle to an Ephah.
Nowe when the prince shall make a free burnt offring, or peace offringes freely vnto the Lord: one then shal open him the gate that turneth toward the east, and he shal make his burnt offeringes, and his peace offeringes, as he did on the Sabbath day: after he shall go foorth, and when he is gone foorth, one shall shut the gate.
Thou shalt dayly make a burnt offering vnto the Lorde of a lambe of one yere without blemishe, thou shalt do it euery morning.
Thou shalt prepare a meate offering for it euery morning, the sixt part of an Ephah, and the third part of a Hin of oyle to mingle with the fine floure: this meate offering shalbe continually by a perpetuall ordinaunce vnto the Lorde.
Thus shal they prepare the lambe, the meate offering, & oyle, euery morning, for a continuall burnt offering.
Moreouer, thus saith the Lorde God: If the prince geue a gift vnto any of his sonnes, the inheritaunce thereof shalbe his sonnes: their possession shalbe by inheritaunce.
But if he geue a gift of his inheritaunce to one of his seruauntes, then it shalbe his to the yere of libertie, and then returne to the prince: but the inheritaunce thereof is his sonnes and shalbe theirs.
The prince also shall take none of the peoples inheritaunce, nor put them from their possession: but to his sonnes shall he geue his owne possession, that my people be not scattered abrode euery man from his possession.
And he brought me through the entraunce at the side of the gate, to the holy chambers of the priestes which stoode toward the north, & beholde, there was a place vpon the west side of them.
Then saide he vnto me: This is the place where the priestes shall seethe the trespasse and sinne offringes, and bake the meate offringes: that they neede not beare them into the outward court, and to sanctifie the people.
So he brought me into the vtter court, & caused me to go by the foure corners of the court: and beholde, in euery corner of the court, there was a court.
In the foure corners of the court there were courtes ioyned, of fourtie cubites long, and thirtie broade: these foure corners were of one measure.
And there went a wall rounde about them, [euen] about those foure: and vnder the walles there were kitchins made rounde about.
Then saide he vnto me: These are the cookes houses, where the ministers of the house shall boyle the sacrifice of the people.