The worde of the Lorde came vnto me, saying:
And thou sonne of man, thus saith the Lorde God, an ende is come vnto the lande of Israel: yea veryly the ende commeth vpon the foure corners of the lande.
Nowe shall the ende come vpon thee: for I wyll sende my wrath vpon thee, and wyll punishe thee accordyng to thy wayes, and rewarde thee after all thine abhominations.
Mine eye shall not spare thee, neither wyll I haue pitie, but rewarde thee accordyng to thy wayes, & declare thine abhominations: then shall ye knowe that I am the Lorde.
Thus saith the Lorde God, Beholde, one euyll shall come after another:
The ende is here, the ende [I say] is come, it watched for thee: beholde it is come alredy.
The mornyng is come vnto thee that dwellest in the lande, the tyme is at hande, the day of trouble is harde by, and not the foundyng agayne of the mountaynes.
Nowe I wyll shortly poure out my sore displeasure ouer thee, and fulfyll my wrath vpon thee: I wyll iudge thee after thy wayes, and recompence thee all thine abhominations.
Mine eye shall not spare, neither wyll I haue pitie, but rewarde thee after thy wayes, & thine abhominations shalbe in the middest of thee: and ye shal knowe that I am the Lorde that smiteth.
Beholde the day, beholde it is come, the mornyng is gone foorth, the rodde florisheth, pride hath budded.
Crueltie is waxen to a rodde of wickednesse, none of them shall remayne, none of their riches, not one of their seede, & no lamentation shalbe made for them.
The tyme commeth, the day draweth nye: who so byeth let hym not reioyce, he that selleth let hym not be sory: for why?
wrath is vpon all the multitude therof.
So that the seller not come againe to the thyng that he solde, although their life be yet with the lyuyng: for when the prophecie was preached vnto all the people, none returned, no man shal strengthen hym selfe in the iniquitie of his life.
They haue blowen the trumpet, and made all redy, but none goeth to the battayle: for my wrath is vpon the whole multitude.
The sworde shalbe without, pestilence and hunger within: so that who so is in the fielde shalbe slayne with the sworde, and he that is in the citie shalbe deuoured with hunger and pestilence.
But they that flee away from them shall escape, and shalbe in the mountaynes lyke the doues of the valleys, all they shall mourne, euery one for his iniquitie.
All handes shalbe let downe, and all knees shalbe weake as the water.
They shall girde them selues with sackcloth, feare shall couer them, shame shalbe vpon all faces, and baldnesse vpon their heades.
Their siluer shall they cast foorth in the streetes, and their golde shalbe dispised: yea their siluer and golde shall not be able to deliuer them in the day of the wrath of the Lorde, they shall not satisfie their soules, neither fyll their bellyes therwith, because it was a stumblyng blocke of their iniquitie.
He had also set the beautie of his ornament in maiestie: but they made images of their abhominations and fylthinesses in it, therfore haue I set it farre from them.
Moreouer, I wyll geue it into the handes of straungers to be spoyled, & to the wicked of the earth for to be robbed, and they shall pollute it.
My face wyll I turne from them, my secrete place shalbe defiled: for burglers shall go into it and pollute it.
Make a chayne: for the lande is full of the iudgement of blood, and the citie is full of extortion.
Wherfore I wyll bryng the most wicked of the heathen to take their houses in possession, I wyll make the pompe of the mightie to ceasse, and their sanctuaries shalbe defyled.
When destruction is come, they shall seeke peace, but they shall haue none.
One mischiefe shall folowe another, and one rumour shall come after another: then shall they seeke a vision in vayne at their prophete, the lawe shall perishe from the priest, and counsayle from the auncientes.
The kyng shall mourne, the prince shalbe clothed with desolation, and the handes of the people in the lande shalbe troubled: I wyll do vnto them after their owne wayes, accordyng to their owne iudgementes wyll I iudge them: and they shall knowe that I am the Lorde.