The Lord visited Sara as he had promised, and did vnto her accordyng as he had spoke.
For Sara conceaued, and bare Abraham a sonne in his olde age, euen the same season whiche the Lorde had appoynted.
And Abraham called his sonnes name that was borne vnto him, whiche Sara bare hym, Isahac.
And Abraham circumcised his sonne Isahac, when he was eyght dayes olde, as God commaunded him.
And Abraham was an hundreth yere olde, when his sonne Isahac was borne vnto him.
But Sara sayde: God hath made me to reioyce, so that all that heare, wyll ioy with me.
She sayd also: who would haue sayde vnto Abraham, that Sara shoulde haue geuen chyldren sucke?
for I haue borne [him] a sonne in his olde age.
The chylde grewe, and was weaned, and Abraham made a great feast the same day that Isahac was weaned.
Sara saw also the sonne of Hagar the Egyptian, whiche she had borne vnto Abraham, [to be] a mocker.
Wherfore she sayd vnto Abraham: cast out this bond woman, & her sonne: for the sonne of this bonde woman, shal not be heyre with my sonne Isahac.
And this saying was very greeuous in Abrahams sight, because of his sonne.
And God sayde vnto Abraham, let it not be greeuous in thy sight, because of the lad and of thy bonde woman: In al that Sara hath said vnto thee, heare her voyce, for in Isahac shall thy seede be called.
Moreouer, of the sonne of the bonde woman wyll I make a nation, because he is thy seede.
And so Abraham rose vp early in the mornyng, and tooke bread, and a bottel of water, and gaue it vnto Hagar, puttyng it on her shoulder, and the lad also, and sent her away: who departing, wandered vp and downe in the wildernesse of Beer seba.
And the water was spent in the bottell, and she cast the lad vnder some one of the trees:
And went, and sate on the other syde a great way, as it were a bowe shote of: for she sayd, I wyll not see the death of the chylde.
And she sitting downe on the other side, lyft vp her voyce & wept.
And God hearde the voyce of the lad, and the angell of God called to Hagar out of heauen, and said vnto her, what ayleth thee Hagar?
feare not: for God hath hearde the voyce of the lad where he lyeth.
Aryse and lyft vp the lad, and take him in thyne hande, for I wyll make of hym a great people.
And God opened her eyes, and she sawe a well of water, and she went and filled the bottell with water, and gaue the lad drinke.
And God was with the lad, and he grewe, and dwelt in the wyldernesse, and became a principall archer.
And he dwelt in the wyldernesse of Paran, and his mother got hym a wyfe out of the lande of Egypt.
And at the same season, Abimelech and Phicol his chiefe captayne spake vnto Abraham, saying, God [is] with thee in all that thou doest:
And nowe therefore, sweare vnto me euen here by God, that thou wylt not hurt me, nor my chyldren, nor my chyldrens children: but that thou shalt deale with me and the countrey where thou hast ben a straunger, accordyng vnto the kyndnesse that I haue shewed thee.
And Abraham saide, I will sweare.
And Abraham rebuked Abimelech for a wel of water, which Abimeleches seruauntes had violently taken away.
And Abimelech said, I wote not who hath done this thing: also thou toldest me not, neyther hearde I [of it] but this day.
And Abraham toke sheepe and Oxen, and gaue them vnto Abimelech: & they made both of them a leage together.
And Abraham set seuen ewe lambes by them selues.
And Abimelech sayd vnto Abraham: what meane these seuen ewe lambes whiche thou hast set by them selues?
He aunswered: for these seuen ewe lambes shalt thou take of my hande, that they may be a wytnesse vnto me, that I haue digged this well.
Wherefore the place is called Beer seba, because that there they sware both of them.
Thus made they a leage together at Beer seba: and Abimelech and Phicol his chiefe captayne rose vp, and turned agayne into the lande of the Philistines.
And Abraham planted a wood in Beer seba, and called there on the name of the Lorde the euerlasting God.
And Abraham soiourned in the Philistines lande a long season.