Abraham proceeded further, and toke hym another wyfe, called Cetura.
Whiche bare hym Zimram, and Iocsan, and Medan, and Midian, and Iesbac, and Suah.
Iocsan begat Seba and Dedan, and the sonnes of Dedan were Assurim, and Letusim, and Leummim.
And the sonnes of Midian, Ephah, & Epher, & Hanoch, & Abida, & Eldaah: all these were the children of Cetura.
And Abraham gaue al his goodes vnto Isahac:
But vnto the sonnes of the concubines whiche Abraham had, he gaue gyftes, and sent them away from Isahac his sonne (whyle he yet lyued) eastwarde vnto the east countrey.
And these are the dayes of the yeres of Abrahams lyfe which he liued, an hundred threscore and fifteene yeres.
And then Abraham waxyng away, dyed in a lustie age, beyng an olde man, when he had liued ynough, and was gathered to his people.
And his sonnes Isahac and Ismael buryed hym in the double caue in the fielde of Ephron sonne of Soar the Hethite, before Mamre.
Whiche fielde Abraham bought of the sonnes of Heth: there was Abraham buryed, and Sara his wyfe.
And it came to passe after the death of Abraham, that God blessed his sonne Isahac, and Isahac dwelled by the well of liuing and seeing me.
These are the generations of Ismael Abrahams sonne, whiche Hagar the Egyptian Saraes handmayde bare vnto Abraham.
And these are the names of the sonnes of Ismael, accordyng to the names of their kindred: the eldest sonne of Ismael, Nabaioth, and Cedar, and Adbeel, and Mibsam,
And Misma, and Duma, and Massa, Hadar, and Thema,
Ietur, Naphis, and Cedina.
These are the sonnes of Ismael, and these are their names by theyr townes and castles, twelue princes of their housholdes.
And these are the yeres of the lyfe of Ismael, an hundred and thirtie and seuen yere: and he waxing away, dyed, and was layed vnto his people.
And they dwelled from Hauilah vnto Sur, that is by the border of Egypt as thou goest toward Assur, and he died in the presence of all his brethren.
And these are the generations of Isahac, Abrahams sonne: Abraham begat Isahac.
And Isahac was fourtie yere olde when he toke Rebecca to wyfe, the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian of Mesopotamia, and sister to Laban the Syrian.
And Isahac made intercession vnto the Lorde for his wyfe, because she was barren: and the Lord was intreated of hym, and Rebecca his wyfe conceaued.
And the childre stroue together within her wombe: therfore she said, if [it be] so, why am I thus?
wherefore she went to aske the Lorde.
And the Lorde sayde vnto her: there are two maner of people in thy wombe, and two nations shalbe deuided out of thy bowelles, and the one nation shalbe mightier then the other, and the elder shalbe seruaunt vnto the younger.
Therefore when her tyme was come to be deliuered, behold, there were two twynnes in her wombe.
And he that came out fyrst, was red, and he was all ouer as it were a hearie garment, and they called his name Esau.
And after hym came his brother out, and his hande holdyng Esau by the heele, and his name was called Iacob: and Isahac was threscore yere olde when they were borne.
And the boyes grewe, and Esau became a cunnyng hunter, and a wylde man: but Iacob was a perfect man, and dwelled in tentes.
Isahac loued Esau, because he dyd eate of his venison, but Rebecca loued Iacob.
Iacob sodde pottage, and Esau came from the fielde, and was fayntie:
And Esau sayd to Iacob: feede me I pray thee, with that same red pottage, for I am fayntie: and therfore was his name called Edom.
And Iacob saide: sell me this day thy byrthryght.
Esau sayde: lo, I am at the poynt to dye, and what profite shall this byrthryght do me?
Iacob aunswered: sweare to me then this day.
And he sware to him, & solde his byrthryght vnto Iacob.
Then Iacob gaue Esau bread and pottage of ryse, and he dyd eate and drinke, and rose vp, and went his way: and Esau little regarded his byrthright.