Let vs feare therfore, lest at any tyme, by forsakyng the promise of entryng into his reste, any of you shoulde be defrauded.
For vnto vs was the Gospell preached, aswell as vnto them: But the worde whiche they hearde dyd not profite them, not beyng coupled with fayth to them that hearde.
For we which haue beleued, do enter into his rest, as he sayde: Euen as I haue sworne in my wrath, if they shal enter into my rest.
Although the workes were made perfecte from the foundation of the worlde.
For he spake in a certayne place of the seuenth daye on this wyse: And God dyd rest the seuenth daye from all his workes.
And in this place againe: yf they shall enter into my rest.
Seing therfore it foloweth, that some must enter there into, and they to who the Gospell was first preached entred not therin for vnbeliefe.
Againe, he appoynteth a certaine day, by to day, saying in Dauid after so long a tyme (as it is sayde:) To day yf ye wyl heare his voyce, harde not your hearts.
For yf Iesus had geuen them reste, then woulde he not afterwarde haue spoken of another day.
There remayneth therfore yet a rest to the people of God.
For he that is entred into his rest, hath ceassed also from his owne workes, as God [dyd] from his.
Let vs studie therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same ensample of disobedience.
For the worde of God is quicke, and myghtie in operation, and sharper then any two edged sword, and entreth thorowe, euen vnto the deuydyng a sunder of the soule & the spirite, and of the ioyntes & the marie, and is a discerner of the thoughtes and of the intentes of the heart:
Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in the syght of hym: But all thinges are naked and open vnto the eyes of hym of whom we speake.
Seyng then that we haue a great hye priest, which is entred into heauens, Iesus the sonne of God, let vs holde faste the confession.
For we haue not an hye priest whiche can not be touched with the feelyng of our infirmities: but was in all poyntes tempted lyke as we are, and [yet] without sinne.
Let vs therfore come boldly vnto the throne of grace, that we may obteyne mercie, and fynde grace to helpe in time of neede.