The worde of the Lorde came vnto Osea the sonne of Beeri, in the dayes of Ozea, Ioathan, Ahas, and Hezekias, kynges of Iuda, and in the tyme of Ieroboam the sonne of Ioas kyng of Israel.
When the Lord spake first vnto Osea, he sayd vnto hym: Go, take vnto thee a wife of fornications, and chyldren of fornications: for the lande hath committed great fornication [departing] from the Lorde.
So he went and toke Gomer the daughter of Deblaim: whiche conceaued and bare him a sonne.
And the Lorde sayde vnto hym, Call his name Iezrahel: for I wyll shortlye auenge the blood of Iezrahel vpon the house of Iehu, and wyll bryng the kyngdome of the house of Israel to an ende.
And in that day wyll I also breake the bowe of Israel, in the valley of Iezrahel.
And she conceaued agayne, and bare a daughter: and [the Lorde] sayde vnto hym, Call her name Loruhamah [that is, not obtayning mercy] for I wyll no more haue pitie vpon the house of Israel, but I wyll vtterly take them away.
Yet I wyll haue mercy vpon the house of Iuda, and wil saue them, euen thorowe the Lorde their God: and wil not saue them by bowe, sworde, battell, horses, or horsemen.
Nowe when she had wayned Loruhamah, she conceaued againe, and bare a sonne.
Then sayd he, Call his name Loammi [that is, not my people]: for ye are not my people, therefore I wyll not be your [God.]
Yet the number of the chyldren of Israel shalbe as the sand of the sea, which can neither be measured nor tolde: and in the place where it was sayde vnto them, Ye are not my people: it shall be saide vnto them, Ye are the chyldren of the liuing God.
Then shall the children of Iuda and the chyldren of Israel be gathered together, and appoynt them selues one head, and they shall come vp out of the lande: for great shalbe the day of Iezrahel.