Israel [is] an emptie vine, [yet] hath it brought foorth fruite to it selfe, accordyng to the multitude of the fruite therof he hath encreased alwayes: accordyng to the goodnesse of their lande they haue made them faire images.
Their heart is deuided, [therfore] shall they nowe be destroyed, [the Lorde] shall breake downe their images, he shall destroy their aulters.
For nowe shall they say, We haue no king, because we haue not feared the Lorde: and what shoulde then a king do to vs?
They haue spoken wordes, swearyng falslye in makyng a couenaunt: thus iudgement groweth as wormewood in the furrowes of the fielde.
They that dwell in Samaria shall feare because of the Calfe of Bethauen, for the people therof shall mourne ouer it, yea and the priestes also reioyced on it for the glorie therof, because it is departed from it.
It shalbe brought to the Assyrian for a present to the king Iareb: Ephraim shall receaue shame, and Israel shalbe confounded for his owne imaginations.
Samaria with his king shall vanishe away, as the fome vpon the water.
The hye places of Auen where Israel doth sinne shalbe destroyed, thistles and thornes shal growe vpon their aulters: then shall they say to the mountaynes, Couer vs, & to the hylles, Fall vpon vs.
O Israel, thou hast sinned from the dayes of Gabaa: there they stoode, the battayle in Gabaa agaynst the children of iniquitie did not touche them.
It is my desire that I shoulde chastise them: and the people shalbe gathered agaynst them, when they shall ioyne them selues together in their two furrowes.
And Ephraim [is as] an heyffer vsed to delyte in treadyng out the corne: but I wyll passe by her faire necke, I wyll make Ephraim to ride: Iuda shall plowe, [and] Iacob shall breake his cloddes.
Sowe to your selues in righteousnesse, and reape the fruites of well doyng, plowe vp your freshe lande: for it is tyme to seeke the Lorde tyll he come and rayne righteousnesse vpon you.
For you haue plowed vngodlinesse, ye haue reaped iniquitie, you haue eaten the fruite of lyes, because thou puttest thy confidence in thine owne wayes, and leanest to the multitude of thy strong men.
There shall growe a sedition among thy people, all thy strong cities shalbe layde waste, euen as Salma destroyed Beth Arbel in the day of battayle, where the mother with the children were dasshed in peeces.
Euen so shall Bethel do vnto you because of your malitious wickednesse: in a mornyng shall the king of Israel be destroyed.