O Israel, returne vnto the Lorde thy God, for thou hast fallen through thine owne wickednesse.
Take these wordes with you, whe ye turne to the Lorde, and say vnto him, O forgeue vs all our sinnes, receaue vs graciously, and then wyll we offer the Calues of our lippes vnto thee.
Asshur shalbe no more our helper, neither will we ride vpon horses any more, neither wyll we say any more to the worke of our handes, Ye are our gods: for in thee the fatherlesse findeth mercie.
I wyll heale their rebellion, I wyll loue them freely: for mine anger is turned away from hym.
I wyll be vnto Israel as the deawe, and he shall growe as the lilie, and his roote shall breake out as the [trees] of Libanus.
His braunches shal spreade out abrode, and be as faire as the oliue tree, & smell as Libanus.
They that dwell vnder his shadowe, shall returne & growe vp as the corne, and florishe as the vine: he shall haue as good a name as the wine of Libanus.
Ephraim [shall say] what haue I to do with idols any more?
I haue hearde him, and loked vpon him, I am like a greene firre tree, vpon me is thy fruite founde.
Who so is wise, shall vnderstande these thinges, and he that is right instruct wyll regarde them: for the wayes of the Lorde are righteous, such as be godly wyll walke in them: as for the wicked, they shall stumble therin.