Then sayd the Lorde to me: Go yet and loue a woman beloued of her husbande, and yet an adultresse, according to the loue of the Lorde towarde the chyldren of Israel: and yet they haue respect to straunge gods, and loue the wine pottes.
So I gat her for fifteene siluerlinges, and for an homer and an halfe of barley.
And sayde vnto her: Thou shalt bide with me a long season, thou shalt not play the harlot, thou shalt be to no other man, and I wyll be so vnto thee.
For the chyldren of Israel shall sit a great whyle without kyng, without prince, without sacrifice, without image, without Ephod, and without Theraphim.
But afterward the chyldren of Israel shalbe conuerted and seeke the Lord their God, and Dauid their kyng, and in the latter dayes they shall worship the Lorde, and his louing kindnesse.