And in that day thou shalt say, O Lorde I wyll prayse thee, for thou wast displeased at me: but refrayne thou from thy wrath, and comfort me.
Beholde, God is my saluation, in who I wyll trust and not be afrayde: for the Lorde God is my strength and [my] song, he also is become my saluation.
Therfore with ioy shall ye drawe water out of the welles of saluation:
And then shall ye say: Geue thankes vnto the Lorde, call vpon his name, declare his workes among the people, kepe them in remembraunce, for his name is excellent.
O sing prayses vnto the Lorde, for he hath done great thinges, as it is knowen in all the worlde.
Crye out, and sing thou that dwellest in Sion: for great is the holy one of Israel in the middest of thee.