This is the burthen of Babylon, whiche Esai the sonne of Amos did see.
Lift vp the banner vppon the high hyll, call vnto the, wagge your hande, that they may go into the gates of the princes.
I haue commaunded my sanctified, I haue also called my valiaunt ones, ioying in my honour to execute my wrath.
There is a noyse of a multitude in the mountaynes, lyke as of a great people, a rushing as though the kingdomes of the nations came together: the Lorde of hoastes mustreth his armye to battayle.
They come out of a farre countrey from the ende of the heauen, euen the Lorde hym selfe with the ministers of his wrath, to destroy the whole lande.
Mourne ye, for the day of the Lord is at hande, and shall come as a destroyer from the almightie.
Therefore shall all handes be letten downe, and all mens heartes shall melt away.
They shall stande in feare, carefulnes and sorowe shall come vpon them, and they shal haue payne, as a woman that trauayleth with chylde: One shalbe abashed of another, and their faces shall burne like the flame of fire.
Beholde, the day of the Lorde shall come terribly and full of indignation, furie & wrath, to make the lande waste, and to roote out the sinners therof.
For the starres and planettes of heauen shall not geue their light, the sunne shalbe darkened in the rising, and the moone shall not shine with her light.
And I wyll visite the wickednesse of the worlde, and the sinnes of the vngodlye.
The high stomakes of the proude wyll I take away, and will lay downe the boasting of the tiraunt.
I wyll make a man dearer then fine gold, and a man to be more worth then a golden wedge of Ophir.
Therfore I wyll shake the heauens, and the earth shall remoue out of her place in the wrath of the Lorde of hoastes, and in the day of his fearefull indignation.
And [Babylon] shalbe as an hunted or chased Doe, and as a sheepe that no man taketh vp: Euery man shall turne to his owne people, and flee eche one into his owne lande.
Whoso is founde shalbe shot thorowe: and whoso taketh their part, shalbe destroyed with the sworde.
Their chyldren shalbe slayne before their eyes: their house spoyled, and their wiues rauished.
For lo, I shall bring vp the Medes against them, whiche shall not regarde siluer, nor be desirous of golde:
With bowes shall they destroy the young men, and haue no pitie on women with chylde, and their faces shall not spare the chyldren.
And Babylon that glory of kingdomes, and beautie of the Chaldees honour shalbe destroyed, euen as God destroyed Sodome and Gomor.
It shall not endure for euer, neither shall there be any more dwelling there from generation to generation: The Arabians shall pitche no tentes there, neither shall the sheepheardes make their foldes there any more.
But fearefull wylde beastes shall lye there, and the houses shalbe ful of great Owles, Estriches shall dwell there, and Apes shall daunce there.
Wylde cattes shall crye in the palaces, and dragons shalbe in the pleasaunt houses: And as for Babylons tyme it is at hande, and her dayes shall not be prolonged.