In the yere that Tharthan came vnto Asdod when Sargon the kyng of Assyria had sent hym, and had fought agaynst Asdod, and taken it:
At the same tyme spake the Lorde by the hande of Esai the sonne of Amos, saying: Go and take of the sackcloth from thy loynes, and put of thy shoe from thy foote.
And he dyd so, walkyng naked and barefoote.
And the Lorde sayde, Lyke as my seruaunt Esai hath walked naked and barefoote for a signe and wonder three yeres vpon Egypt and Ethiopia:
Euen so shall the kyng of Assyria take away out of Egypt and Ethiopia, children and olde men naked and barefoote, with their loynes vncouered, to the great shame of Egypt.
They shalbe brought in feare also, and be ashamed of Ethiopia their hope, & of Egypt wherin they are wont to glorie.
And they that dwell in the same Isle shall say in that day, Beholde such is our hope, whyther shall we flee for helpe, that we may be delyuered from the kyng of Assyria?
And howe shall we escape?