Wo be vnto them that go downe into Egypt for helpe, and trust in horses, and put their confidence in charrets because they be many, and in horsemen because they be lustie and strong: but they regarde not the holy one of Israel, and they aske no question at the Lorde.
And he neuerthelesse is wise, and will plague the wicked, and goeth not from his worde, he wyll aryse against the housholde of the frowarde, and against the helpe of euyll doers.
Nowe the Egyptians are men and not God, and their horses fleshe, and not spirite: And assoone as the Lord stretcheth out his hande, then shall the helper fall and he that shoulde haue ben helped, and they shall altogether be destroyed.
For thus hath the Lorde spoken vnto me: Lyke as the lion and lions whelpe roareth vpon the pray that he hath gotten, and is not afraide though the multitude of shepheardes crye out vpon him, neither be abashed for all the heape of them: so shall the Lorde of hoastes come downe to fight for mount Sion, and defende his hyll.
Like as the byrdes flutter about their nestes, so shall the Lorde of hoastes, kepe, saue, defende, and deliuer Hierusalem.
Therefore O ye chyldren of Israel, turne againe vnto him whom you haue ofttimes forsaken.
For in that day euery man shall cast out his idols of siluer, and his idols of golde, whiche ye haue made with your owne handes vnto your sinne.
Assur also shalbe slayne with the sworde, not with a mans sworde, neither shal the sworde of any man deuour hym, and he shall flee from the slaughter, and his choise young men shalbe discomfited.
He shall go for feare to his strong holdes, and his princes shall flee from his standerd saith the Lord, whose fire is in Sion, and his fornace in Hierusalem.