Come ye heathen and heare, take heede you people: hearken thou earth and all that is therin, thou rounde compasse and all that dwelleth thervpon.
For the Lorde is angry with all people, & his displeasure is kindled agaynst all the multitude of them, he hath destroyed them, and delyuered them to the slaughter.
So that their slayne shalbe cast out and their bodyes stincke, that euen the very hylles shalbe wet with the blood of them.
All the starres of heauen shall waste, and the heauens shall folde together lyke a roll, and all the starres therof shall fall, lyke as the leaues fall from the vines and figge trees.
For my sworde shalbe bathed in heauen, and shall immediatly come downe to iudgement vpon Idumea, and vpon the people which I haue cursed.
And the Lordes sworde shalbe full of blood, and be rusty with the fatnesse and blood of lambes and goates, with the fatnesse of the kidneys of weathers: For the Lord shall kyll a great offering in Bozra, and a great slaughter in the lande of Idumea.
There shall the vnicornes fall with them, and the bulles with the giauntes, and their lande shalbe throughly soked with blood, and their grounde corrupt with fatnesse.
For it is the day of Gods vengeaunce, and the yere of recompence for the reuenge of Sion.
And his fluddes shalbe turned to pitch, and his earth to brimstone, and therewith shall the lande be kindled.
So that it shall not be quenched day nor nyght, but smoke euermore, and so foorth lye waste: and no man shall go through it for euer.
But Pellicanes, Storkes, great Owles, and Rauens shall haue it in possession and dwell therin: for God shall spreade out the line of desolation vpon it, and the stones of emptinesse.
Her nobles shall call, and there is no kyngdome: and all her princes shalbe nothyng.
Thornes shall growe in their palaces, nettles & thistles in their strong holdes, that the dragons may haue their pleasure therin, and that they may be a court for Estriches.
There shall straunge visures & monsterous beastes meete one another, and the wylde kepe company together: there shall the Lamia lye and haue her lodgyng.
There shall the Owle make her nest, builde, be there at home, & bryng foorth her young ones: there shall the Kytes come together, eche one to his lyke.
Seke through the booke of the Lorde and reade it: there shall none of these thynges be left out, there shall not one nor such lyke fayle: for his mouth commaundeth, and that same doth his spirite gather together, or fulfyll.
He hath cast the lot for them, and to those beastes hath his hande deuided it by the line: therfore those shall possesse it for euer, from generation to generation shall they dwell therin.