Come to the waters all ye that be thirstie, and ye that haue no money, come, bye, that ye may haue to eate: Come, bye wine and mylke without any money or money worth.
Wherfore do ye lay out any money for the thyng that feedeth not, and spende your labour about the thyng that satisfieth you not?
But hearken rather vnto me, and ye shal eate of the best, and your soule shall haue her pleasure in plenteousnesse.
Encline your eares and come vnto me, take heede [I say] and your soule shall lyue: For I wyll make an euerlastyng couenaunt with you, euen the sure mercies of Dauid.
Beholde, I gaue hym for a witnesse among the folke, for a prince & a teacher vnto the people.
Lo, thou shalt call an vnknowen people: and a people that had no knowledge of thee shall runne vnto thee, because of the Lorde thy God and the holy one of Israel which glorifieth thee.
Seke the Lorde whyle he may be founde, and call vpon hym whyle he is nye.
Let the vngodly man forsake his owne wayes, and the vnrighteous his owne imaginations, and turne agayne vnto the Lorde, so shall he be mercifull vnto hym: and to our God, for he is very redy to forgeue.
For thus saith ye Lord: My thoughtes are not your thoughtes, & your wayes are not my wayes.
But as farre as the heauens are hyer then the earth: so farre do my wayes exceede yours, & my thoughtes yours.
And lyke as the rayne and snowe commeth downe from heauen, and returneth not thyther agayne, but watereth the earth, maketh it fruitfull and greene, that it may geue corne vnto the sower, and bread to hym that eateth:
So the worde also that commeth out of my mouth shall not turne agayne voyde vnto me, but shall accomplishe my wyll, and prosper in the thing wherto I sende it.
And so shall ye go foorth with ioy, and be led with peace: The mountaynes and hylles shall syng with you for ioy, and all the trees of the fielde shal clappe their handes.
For thornes, there shall growe Firre trees, and the Myrre tree in the steede of bryers: And this shalbe done to the prayse of the Lorde, and for an euerlastyng token that shall not be taken away.