Thus saith the Lorde, Kepe equitie, and do right: for my sauyng health shal come shortlye, and my righteousnesse shalbe opened.
Blessed is the man that doth this, and the mans childe which keepeth the same: He that taketh heede that he vnhalowe not the Sabbath [that is] he that keepeth him selfe that he do no euill.
Then shall not the straunger whiche cleaueth to the Lorde, say, Alas the Lorde hath shut me cleane out from his people: Neither shall the gelded man say, Lo I am a drye tree.
For thus saith the Lorde vnto the gelded that kepeth my Sabbath, [namelye] that holdeth greatly of the thyng that pleaseth me, and kepeth my couenaunt:
Unto them wyll I geue in my householde and within my walles, a better heritage and name then yf they had ben called sonnes and daughters: I wyll geue them an euerlastyng name that shall not perishe.
Agayne, the straungers that sticke to the Lorde to serue hym, and to loue his name, and to be his seruauntes, and all they which kepe them selues that they vnhalowe not the Sabbath, namely that they fulfyll my couenaunt:
Them will I bring to my holy mountayne, & make them ioyfull in my house of prayer: their burnt offerynges and sacrifices shalbe accepted vpon myne aulter: for my house shalbe called an house of prayer for all people.
Thus saith the Lorde God which gathereth together the scattered of Israel: I wyll bryng yet an other congregation to hym.
Come all ye beastes of the fielde, that ye may deuoure all the beastes of the wood.
For his watchmen are all blynde, they haue altogether no vnderstanding, they are all dumbe dogges not beyng able to barke, they are sleepy, sluggishe are they and lye snortyng.
They are shamelesse dogges that be neuer satisfied: The sheepheardes also in like maner haue no vnderstandyng, but euery man turneth his owne way, euery one after his owne couetousnesse with all his power.
Come [say they] I wyll fetche wine, so shall we fyll our selues, that we may be drunken: and do to morowe lyke as to day, yea and much more.